Traditional Mother’s Day Gifts are sooooo boring! There are only so many times that you want to give a bunch of flowers and generic store bought chocolates to the strong and bad ass woman who raised you and definitely a limit to how often you want to receive these gifts if you are a mum yourself.

That said flowers and chocolates can still be nice but they are better when they are accompanied with something a bit more different and unusual.

These gifts are perfect for the mum who is badass, who is a feminist, who believes in raising strong girls and who is even a bit sweary. 

All the products listed (to my knowledge) come from Australian owned female run companies  so it is always good support some fellow ladies in business especially when they are making, designing or sourcing some really cool things.

Caution, some of these items get a bit sweary! Because life often gets a bit sweary…

Here is my list of 10 alternative Mother's Day gifts for bad ass mums!


Mother Of The Fucking Year Enamel Lapel Pin is the perfect mothers day gift for sassy mums

1. Mother Of The Fucking Year Enamel Lapel Pin

This is the pin for mothers that deserve an award for all their hard work and dedication. You can wear it to school pick ups or business lunches or just for yourself to remind you than not only are you doing a great job but you should have a little gold and shiny ribbon to wear because you are the Mother Of The Fucking Year!

Find it: Jubly-Umph

Price: $16.95


this gin, vodka water bottle is the perfect size for purses and also keeps people guessing

2. Gin, Vodka Or Actually Water?

Sometimes when you see people casually sipping from a water bottle do you think to yourself, is that actually water or something more fun? This water bottle will have everyone thinking that whether you are at the gym or the park. Its sleek design fits into your handbag much better than a round bottle.

I liked this water bottle so much I got it for myself.

Find it: The inappropriate gift company 

Price: $24.95


wellies wonders makes custom disney style pet and child portraits

3. Custom Pet Portrait(or child) by a Disney artist

Have you ever wanted your fur babies or even your children immortalised in a Disney style portrait? Ummm yes, me over here *waves hands, whistles and jumps up and down*!!!  Adam Murphy, who has formerly worked as an illustrator for Disney and Lucas films, draws your pets, your kids or your whole family in a cartoon style portrait.

I personally know Adam and Demelza who co-own and run Wellys Wonders and often see Adam drawing at conventions and his work is so wonderful!! I am commissioning them to draw my own fur babies.

There is a turn around time of 3-4 weeks but you can get this in advance and let your mum decide which pics she wants to send in.

Portraits start at: $69.95

Find them at:


for mums that feel the need to release some anger- smash cakes

4. A Chocolate piñata designed for destruction…

Does your mum need to release some anger sometimes. Do you frustrate the hell out of her or feel like she needs to release some tension? Well don’t give her a Day Spa voucher give her a Smash Cake.

I was so excited when I found out that this product existed and wasn’t a cake smash like those baby photoshoots that people do, but an actual cake made out of chocolate and filled with goodies. You can even add on a chocolate hammer to smash it apart with…

Described as chocolate pinatas designed for destruction(love that tag line) these are only available for Sydney people at the moment.

They also make mini smashcakes and chocolate gift cards.

Find it:

Price: starting at $9 for a cake and $21.95 for a card.

cheap and cheerful custom wine labels for mothers day

5. Personalised Cheap Wine

If you are on a budget then head to aldi and buy mm a bottle of their finest second cheapest wine(never buy the cheapest) and then add these gold foil personalised wine labels.

I like the one that says ‘I’m pretty sure I’m the reason you drink, so here, enjoy this wine’ (it sounds pretty accurate to me)

Find it:

Price: $4.8 (express post available)

Be your own hero tshirt for all the mums that are superheros

6. Be Your Own Hero Tshirt

If you are sick of tshirts that read random platitudes then this tee is the perfect alternative for a feminist badass mother. You don’t need to wait for a muscle man in a cape to come along because you can be your own hero!

This tee is made to order and available in a range of colours and sizes, including plus sized tshirts, to fit everybody!

Price: $39.95

Find it: Jubly-Umph

carpe diem sweary bangle

7. Carpe The Fucking Diem

If word play with latin quotes combined with motivational and sweary messages sounds like your mum then this Sieze The Fucking Day Bangle is the perfect badass gift. This rose gold plated bangle is for people who get up each day and sieze it by the throat(the day that is).

Find it at:

Price: $29.95

theres no such thing as too many books carry all tote bag

8. Theres No Such Thing As Too Many Books Tote Bag

This is the ultimate book bag, shopping tote or all round carry all for the mother that loves books and reading. There are some things in this world that you can have too many of- chores, children, fucks to give, but books is not one of those things.

Find it:

Price: $29.95

giant bling ring

9. Giant bling ring

This is a giant fabulous bling ring!! If demure subtle jewellery is not for you then this giant gold and sparkly amethyst coloured statement ring might just be the thing.

Better yet it is ethically made in spain.

Find it:

Price: $42

paid this shit stamp

10. Paid This Shit Stamp

I am forever writing ‘paid’ on invoices and household bills to make sure I and my partner know its paid and doesn’t, for some freak reason, get paid twice or worse forgotten about altogether (that actually happens all the time). This awesome ‘Paid this shit’ stamp lets you take care of things in a satisfying way. It would make a nice little addition to a basket of goodies for Mothers Day

Find it:

Price: $38


 Happy Mothers Day!

While I have only listed single items from these Aussie businesses make sure to check out other things on their website as there is some really cool items.

Whether you are a mum and will be celebrating with your family or you will be taking your own mum out I hope you have a fantastic Mothers Day!

Stay Weird xo

May 05, 2018

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