Our new collection has plenty of heart. That's why it's so damn big.

You might not be aware, but Jubly-Umph has always been a vegan company that strives to have all of our products ethically produced and without harm to animals.

We've been wanting to put out a collection like this for a while. It's a collection that reflects our values as a company and one that we hope will promote these values to a wider audience.

designing the new compassionate and vegan lapel pins

I Give A Damn!

These are lapel pin designs for people who Give a Damn! Featuring designs like 'Plant Powered' and 'It's a Veggie Life For Me' and 'Kindness Is Easy', we've designed this collection for those who don't mind wearing their heart on their sleeves.

I give a dam enamel lapel pin

It can be hard to remember sometimes that there's still understanding, gentleness, and kindness in the world, so here's a new collection of little reminders to help you.

its a veggie life for me vegetarian and vegan enamel pin


My new pins launch on Thursday 24th at 12:00pm!

ps. keep your eyes on facebook and Insta for more sneak peeks

May 18, 2018 — Jubly Umph

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