The Collectors boxes are coming…finally!

If you have been following on our socials you would have seen that we have had a bit of drama with the Collectors boxes this year.

After spending months planning out products, doing the artwork (why does it always take me longer than I think it will) and then working to get them made I thought everything was on track to launch them in October…silly me!

However, after a few challenges, such as our pins been sent to the USA by mistake and being short-changed on our tote bags, we now have them all packed and ready to launch on Thursday 7Th December!

What is the Collectors Box?

The Collectors Box is a limited edition box filled with awesome products! This year we have made 2 literary themed boxes: Austen and Shakespeare.

Each box contains 6 exclusive items valued at over $130!


Collectors Box

Jane Austen... What can I say?! She was inspirational, ambitious, determined, an early feminist and a master of story telling!

She a literary genius and should be celebrated!

Austen created such great characters which we still know today. (Hello... Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy!) She’s very funny and was an important social commentator of the time. She pioneered new writing techniques still relevant to human emotion. Her works have definitely stood the test of time!


Collectors Box


Ok, then there's William Shakespeare aka "The Bard"

Not only did Shakespeare teach us about ourselves and humanity, but he also invented around 1700 words which we still use in our everyday English language today. He often changed nouns into verbs, verbs into adjectives, connecting words together and coming up with wholly original ones too.

Here are just a few words to which we owe Shakespeare a big Thank You!

Excitement, Generous, Moonbeam, Birthplace, Negotiate, Gossip, Eyeball, Bedroom, and Amazement. Just to name a few!

Shakespeare wrote about timeless themes such as life and death, youth versus age, love and hate, fate and free will, and depicted familiar experiences, ranging from family squabbles to falling in love and unfortunately war.

With the constantly changing world, we live in today these themes are perhaps more relevant than they have ever been.

With the love I have for both authors, I have created a collectors box worthy of the most loyal fans or as an introduction to these amazing writers!


Here's a few sneak peaks of the new collection and some of the coolest items we've had in a collectors box to date!


Fold-able Shopping Bag!

Both collectors boxes offer a fabulous fold-able bag perfect for carrying your favourite books or perhaps your groceries!


2 x Quotable Quotes Pins!



A Sticker Pack


sticker pack


and... an embroidered Bookmark!



Oh and a pair of super cool medium sized SOCKS as well!!!



I can't contain my 'excitement' (Shakespeare word) to be launching this collection! They launch this Thursday the 7th of December 12pm AEDT. (Melbourne time)

Which Collectors Box is your favourite? (let me know in the comments!)


PS. There is still a time to get on our EARLY ACCESS list and be in the running to WIN one of each box. Just sign up HERE


Karen said:

Love them both, especially the Shakespeare box. And it’s purple!

Karen said:

Love them both, especially the Shakespeare box. And it’s purple!

Lisa said:

Whaaaahhhh, so hard to choose! Jane Austen wrote such complex, multi-layered characters and Shakespeare’s plays are such timeless, fabulous tales. Both have gloriously satisfying lines to quote.
If I REALLY have to choose, it’s probably going to have to be the Shakespeare box, but only because I like the things I can see in it so far ever so slightly more than what I can see in the Austen box. That could change if there’s more to come though … can’t wait to see!

Deb Logan said:

LOVE them both, but Shakespeare has my heart for life.

Letia Marie Hance said:

The Shakespeare box is amazing! I started reading the complete works for fun in grade 7. My teachers hated me quoting the dirty joke, but also assumed I didn’t get them. Ah, youth, so fun. Lol

Edilia Ford said:

I fancy the Shakespeare by box. So many fond memories of reading the plays and seeing the performances.

TJ Withers said:

how cute is the Jane Austen box!! love it <3

Joanne Potter said:

they both look amazing, will be very hard to choose

Joanne Potter said:

they both look amazing, will be very hard to choose

Teresa said:

Two great author choices. Jane Austen is my favourite. Love Pride and Prejudice.

Leanne Grant said:

To thine own self be true, even tho All the worlds a stage. To be or not to be an avid reader. A question for all. We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and so we thank jubly-umph for all the toil and trouble.

Robyn in the West said:

Who could separate two of the greatest authors of all time? While Shakespeare has given the world amazing plays that are still performed to this day – and even movies borrow heavily from his themes and characterisations – we cannot ignore the contribution to literature that is the incredible Ms Jane Austen.
While the Bronte sisters often had vapid characters that were esteemed in their works, Austen showed them for what they were. Her heroes and heroines were complex and interesting.
So, I don’t belong in an either/or camp : Team Great Literature all the way.
In the words of a gorgeous kid in a taco commercial, “Why not have both?” Indeed. ♥

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