We're always on the lookout for new ways to decorate and bling-up your things. We even wrote a blog post about it a few months ago here: 'We've Got Bling For Your Things Blog Post.'

Well, after trialling a few designs in our 'Mystery Boxes' in the last few years, we've finally got a new range of products ready to launch on Wednesday the 6th at midday (AEST) that'll help you wear your weird - New Jubly-Umph Keychains!

Here's a few sneak peeks of the new designs:



They perfect to embellish your keys of course, but they're also ideal for pretty well any kind of bag, or any piece of clothing that has a zip.



We rounded up a few of our best selling designs that were perfectly suited to the 'Keychain' treatment, we adjusted the size of them (it was a perfect chance to make them a bit bigger and bolder) and voila! You can now jingle your weird too!



Don't forget - They're launching at 12:00 (AEST) on Wednesday the 6th of July.

See you then,

The Jubly-Umph Crew.


July 04, 2022


Linda said:

Messages on a keychain are great ideas. Can’t wait to see the ones I ordered. Are these just the beginning? Looking for “Do No Harm, etc….” in the future.?.

Roxann said:

I have the socks that say maybe swearing will help, now I have to have the key ring charm too, ps it does help. 😊

Jill said:

I WANT them all! …and in an effort not to be selfish, FAB presents too!❤️

Tamara said:

What a fabulous date for a launch, coincidencely also happens to be my birthday too. These are fabulous and I can’t wait to place an order.

Sarah said:

I’m really excited for these to come out! I would love to add a few to my Jubly Umph collection ❤️

Belle said:

I say this with all the love in my heart and my credit card – SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Your designs are incredible and I have so many lapel pins and ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE the key rings in my life.


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