We've Got Bling For Your Thing (And Swag For Your Bag!)

July 04, 2022 4 Comments

We've Got Bling For Your Thing (And Swag For Your Bag!)

We get asked a lot here at Jubly-Umph about the different ways we wear our weird, whether it be our pins, patches, earrings (although they're really only wearable in one way...) or socks (also only really wearable in one way, although they probably make OK mittens if it's not too cold...)

So I thought I'd do a quick 'top 5' list of 'New Places To Wear Your Weird That You Mightn't Have Considered Yet'.

That name wasn't very catchy, so I called it 'We've Got Bling For Your Thing' instead.

Anyway, here's a list of the less-obvious-but-still-cool places that you can 'wear your weird'.

1. Bags.

So you may have noticed at the top there that I included 'swag for your bag' as part of the heading. I did this not just because 'swag for your bag' is an amazing bit of rhyming (and I want to try and use it in this little bit of writing as much as possible). I also did it because bags are generally super boring, and it's a big shame. They offer so much potential as a surface for decoration and embellishment!

Patches or lapel pins are a great way to elevate your bag game. Take your bag from 'functional load carrying device' straight up to 'super rad portable canvas of self-expression' in one fell swoop by ironing a couple of patches onto the back, and popping a few pins on the straps.

Don't be a bag dag.


Jubly-Umph Bag With Pins and Patches


See our 'I Heart Reading Patch' here, our 'Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Patch' here, our 'Choose Your Weapon Patch' here, our 'Work In Progress Lapel Pin' here, and our 'Let's Go On An Adventure Lapel Pin' here.


2. Shoes.

I must preface this one with a warning: Lapel pins fall off shoes (and bags and hats too for that matter) unless you use 'lapel pin keepers'. They're easily find-able on eBay, and tighten down with an allen or hex key to the post on your lapel pin. They greatly reduce the chances of losing your pins, and are really a must if you're going to install them in 'high risk' places that are liable to get wedged into doorways, public transport seats etc...

Shoes are often a bit more colourful than bags, so don't necessarily need decorating quite so badly.

However, when did a cool weird person let that stop them? Never, is the answer. It's not cool until you say so, and you should say that it needs a lapel pin in the laces, because that looks way cooler than just normal, boring laces.




To see our 'Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Lapel Pin' click here.


3. Hats

In Australia, in the 6-11 months of 'summery' weather that most places experience, hats are pretty well ubiquitous.

Well, I probably should clarify that: BORING hats are ubiquitous.

They're the perfect canvas for some bling, but people rarely decorate them and instead seem perfectly happy to just walk around with a floppy bit of 'meh' protecting their heads.

Don't be like them.

Swag that thing up, and be cool while staying cool this summer.



See our 'Don't Be A Prick Pin' here, and our 'Got Dressed Today Lapel Pin' here.


4. Beanies

'But that's just the same as the hats one you just wrote!' I hear you complain...

Yeah well, some places that aren't Australia experience 11 months of 'wintery' weather (I'm looking at you Ireland) and what better way to try and inject a bit of fun and colour into what is otherwise a pretty uniformly grey, drizzly, cloudy day (still looking at you Ireland)?

You need to get funky with it: Put some lapel pins on the cuff of your beanie (The lapel pin backs might get a bit 'scrapey' if you don't put some fabric between your scalp and them) and turn that grey day frown, upside down.

P.S. (I didn't have a beanie in the office to model in, so I used one of our old 'Nasty Woman' prints of a woman in a beanie... I thought it was very clever.)


See our 'Didn't Stab Anyone Today Lapel Pin' here, and our 'Nevertheless She Persisted Lapel Pin' here.



5. Sock Mittens.

Look. When I said '5 ways to wear your weird' at the start, I didn't promise that they were all going to be practical, comfortable, or even good.

Anyway, this list is called 'wear your weird', not 'wear your normal.'

So, you're not allowed to get upset now when I make the last item in this list a super-dooper-Jubly-Mega-mashup of epic awesome-ness and incomparable coolness.

I give you: The super-sock-pin-patch-mitten.


Jubly-Umph Super Pin Patch Mittens


It might be OK for keeping out the cold, protecting your knuckles, and showing how cool and trendy you may or may not be.

It's definitely not OK for literally anything else, so I want to make sure that you understand that Jubly-Umph does not officially endorse this product, nor suggest that it is a good idea to try and do anything important while wearing them. Just a warning.

See our 'Sorry I'm Late I Didn't Want To Come Patch' here, our 'Feminist Patch' here, our 'Not Now Not Ever Lapel Pin' here, our 'Maybe Swearing Will Help Lapel Pin' here, our 'Cats and Books Socks' here, and our 'Didn't Stab Anyone Today Socks' here.



So, there you go!

Do you have any other suggestions for good places to 'wear your weird'?

Let us know in the comments below.

You can check out any of the products above in the links below the photos, but other wise you can check out our best sellers here, or our newest releases here.

In the meantime, stay safe out there.

Lots of love, Jubly xx


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April 04, 2022

Mwahahaha … you thought there was only one way to wear earrings?
Zip pulls people, zip pulls. Get yourself a packet of split rings somewhere in the 6mm – 15mm range, pull the earring hook off and attach the remaining wonderfullness it to your split ring for instant fabulousness (and fixed-ness) to all those zips where the pull has pulled off. Bags, jackets, shoes. All the things. The best bit – you get two zip pulls (or a zip pull and an earring if that’s your thing).

Louise Moran
Louise Moran

March 05, 2022

I’m a nurse in the alcohol and other drug (AOD) / mental health sector, and my rainbow lanyard is a great place to mix and match my lapel pins.

They are very popular with clients and my fellow staff members alike xxxx


March 04, 2022

Fabulous suggestions 😉

Lisa J P
Lisa J P

March 04, 2022

I love this list the last one most of all (lol).
I’ve had them on my bag strap and on my backpack before, now I’m determined to wear them on some of my hats.
I’m putting the patches I got from you on my backpack instead, because I lost my craf-tea pin by having it there :(

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