Book lovers are a difficult breed to shop for. There is the obvious gift - books. They love nothing more than the soft sweet smell of freshly printed pages (closely followed by the musty smell of used books).

But if you're bored of wrapping books, we've pulled together the perfect presents for the bibliophile in your life and you can also check out our previous suggestions on gifts by clicking HERE.


Folding Book Lamp

What could be better than a book? A lamp that helps you read your book while looking decidedly bookish.

BONUS - This lamp will be camouflaged amongst all their piles of books.


Booktoopus print

Less is more unless you're talking about books.

A book lover knows that there is no limit to the number of books you can own. Now they have the print to prove it.


Subscription to audible

A real reading addict knows the exquisite pain of being forced to put down their book to do things other than reading. It may not be safe to read and drive at the same time, but should this mean that they must wait to find out what happens next?

Enter audible.


Mischief Managed Lapel Pin.

500 million books sold. 8 movies (and more from the universe). It is safe to say that the Harry Potter series is universally loved.

For many Potter fans, it was these stories that helped them fall in love with the written word.

Help them show their love with pride.


Book blankets

Is there anything better than reading a book for several uninterrupted hours? Why yes there is - reading while snuggled up in a blanket.

And even better when your blanket is literary-themed.


True Crime pin

Do you know a true crime lover? They can't stop telling you about the latest cold case they're reading about?

Or maybe they're trying to drag you on the latest ghost tour they've discovered. We've got the perfect pin for them.  


Oraton Library Rubber Stamp Library Embosser.

Any book lover will tell you that the only thing better than having your own person book collection is being able to share your literary finds with friends.  But the worst thing?  Loaning your books out never to see them again!  This personalised page embosser let’s you leave your mark on each book so people always know where to return them!


Crocomark and Hippomark

It’s a bookmark that looks like a crocodile (or hippo) lurking in the depths of the prose.

One word. Sold.


Bookmonster pin.

For some voracious readers, there's just not enough books in this world to satiate their hunger for a good story.

Here's a lapel pin for the compulsive book devourers who just can't get enough.

Literary Insults

Don’t you hate it when you just can’t think of a subtle (or not so subtle) retort?

Witty one liners always come to me at 3am - but with the help of this nifty little chart  a shady slap-down is only a few seconds away.


Love your bookshop pin 

There’s a certain type of book lover who wouldn’t dream of shopping online for books.

Book shopping is an experience.  A mini adventure all of its own. If the book-lover in your life reacts with horror at the mere mention of Book Depository you might want to get them my pin that was a collaboration with Love your bookshop Day.

December 16, 2019

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