I have a new pin collection which you can see HERE. I had been agonising about whether it was an appropriate time to launch it or not with the current world events.
This collection was designed right in the middle of the Australian Bushfire Crisis for which we created the Koala Pin (Here), in response to the feelings of sadness and hopelessness that I, and many people around me, were experiencing. And now it seemed we were right back there again but this time the disaster is affecting everyone everywhere.
inspiration crystal by jubly-umph
The idea for the collection came from the hidden meanings often given to crystals; citrine for optimism, amethyst for inspiration and quartz for positivity. Little gems of hope that could be carried with you.
This collection is about optimism, harmony, and creativity - All the good things. 
After consulting our online community we decided to go ahead with this launch which is now available,  as many people have told us that they "need it right now".

 creativity crystal drawing

While designing it I was reminded about the importance of hope, and while we can’t control what is happening around us, we can control our response.

optimism crystal

I hope this collection is a reminder that even when everything is getting more and more difficult, you still have power:

The power to create. 

The power to cooperate. 

The power to hope.

All it takes is a little courage to unlock the power you already have inside.

hope crystal

In conjunction with the new lapel pins we've  made these designs available in a bunch of other ways too for people who aren't in a position to be able to buy a new pin, such as freebie downloadable prints, colouring sheets, and phone wallpaper.

Which new pin is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below :

Stay safe and look after yourselves and each other.

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

March 23, 2020 — Anna C


Amy Scott said:

I’m so glad you decided to go ahead. I love them

Virginia Maude said:

beautiful. These are just what we need right now

Tina said:

I like the Hope pin as we all need Hope right now. The trouble is I like them all how to choose.

Loz Sedger said:

This collection is just amazing, these words you have chosen combined with Crystals are just what we need right now! Beautiful and inspiring, love them all especially Creativity and Hope.You all stay well and safe too 💜💗🦋🌈

Jenny said:

I’m really grateful that you are going ahead with these pins. They are beautiful. And now is the time we need them!! The “Hope” pin is my favourite. I’ve bought many of your pins for my 10 year old Granddaughter who has been suffering from bullying for sometime now. She loves to look at them and wear them. I’m also looking forward to your freebies. Thank you for your inspiration and creativity. 🙏♥️

Bel said:

I am so keen! Can’t wait to keep supporting your little business at the tough time. 😘😘

Miriam said:

They are all wonderful but Optimism is the one that really speaks to me.

Maylena Buttle said:

I think these are brilliant as are all of your pins and picking one favorite is just too hard to do. Love your work and looking forward to the freebies as well. xx

Polly MacD said:

Omg these are just perfect af!! And I’m so grateful to hear that there will be freebies available in the launch… I adore your designs but don’t generally het to purchase your pins. Freebies mean I can get a good dose of the wonderful weirdness of JublyUmph without violating any copywright or intellectual property rights 😅😉

Samantha said:

I can’t wait to see the whole range 💓

Kirsty Jarvinen said:

Harmony & Hope💜
We all need lots & Positiv Power,
perfect time to launch these beauties💜

KRin said:

These are wonderful, the Optimism especially for me.

Telle Belle said:

I love all your pins. I wear them to work and my kids at Kindy love them and they are a great inspiration to talk about all the positive messages you put on them! 🔮💞

Monica said:

I love all of them. This seems a good time to launch this collection I will certainly get mine….. You rock….. P.S. I’ll let all my overseas family and friends know as well xx

Jacquelyn said:

Brilliant work!
I think Hope is my fave pin at the moment – something we could all use. 😊

Lisa said:

Hope is always a good word. It empowers people to have positivity in the bleakest of situations. Love this collection! Absolutely the right time to release it. Thank you!💕

Ann said:

Absolutely brilliant idea. I love harmony & hope.

Kathryn Clarke said:

I don’t think there could be a better time to launch this collection – love it. Thank you.

Nic said:

I love the hope pin – because hope is such an important power to have!! Plus I love pink!!

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