Animals are some of the most popular Jubly-Umph designs to get tattooed. These cute tattoos have been inspired by Jubly-Umph illustrations. Do you have a Jubly inspired tattoo?
1. Sailor cat tattoo
Sailor cat tattoo based on a Jubly-Umph painting
2. Kerri's Muerte cat tattooDay of the dead cat tattoo inspired by a Jubly-Umph illustration
3. Kyms Day of the Dead purple cat tattoo
Kyms day of the dead purple kitty cat tattoo
4. Lauras Muerte Cat tattoo in purple
Lauras muerte cat tattoo in purple
5. Abrildeers Flamingo leg piece
Large flamingo leg piece based on  jubly-Umph illustration
6. Woosangs Sea Owl Tattoo
Sea owl tattoo featuring a nautical lighthouse
7. Lauras Full arm fox and babushka tattoo
Lauras full arm fox and babushka tattoo
8. Lorettas Flamingo tattoo
Flamingo tattoo
May 24, 2016

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