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Enamel Pins, socks and accessories to help you be proud of your passions and stay weird every day!

The Collectors Box is coming!

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This years themes are Shakespeare and Austen. Each box contains 6 exclusive items. These sell out every year so get on the list to access them first!

NEW socks are here!

✨Introducing our latest sock sensations!✨ 

These 6 new designs will help you show your book loving side, embrace the chaos and acknowledge your talents (whatever they may be).

Newest Collections


A collection of enamel lapel pins and accessories celebrating neurodivergence and mental health warriors.

Book Lover

Every reading addict knows that the best way to show your love of reading is by adorning yourself with bookish related enamel lapel pins, socks and earrings.

Stitching Is My Therapy

Enamel lapel pins and needle minders for sewciopaths and stitchers and those that find relaxation by stabbing fabric hundreds of times.

Awards For Adults

Celebrate the small things like getting dressed, your overthinking talents and that you didn't stab anyone today with these award enamel pins and socks.

The Bookish beasts are Here!

Our Bookish Beasts Enamel Pin collection celebrates all BOOKS and ALL BOOK LOVERS⁠!

It features 8 curious creatures who, like any avid reader, like to collect, display and chomp through their books! Now you can share your love of books with these little cuties too!⁠


You probably came here because you're just like me.

You’re a bit quirky, you’re a bit unusual and you’re a little outside the mainstream.

You strive to be different from all the other folk out there because that is your strength.

You want to wear things that show the world that you’re strong, different, and unique. That means you need one-off items that are exclusive and locally designed.

You’ll be the only one at the party who is wearing that outfit and you want it to turn heads and start conversations. You want it to say something! You want it to mean something!

I know all this because that is exactly how I feel too.

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