What do you want to do when you grow up, children are always asked. You were probably asked it yourself. Will you be a doctor? A lawyer?  An adventurer? Will you try to change the world?

A little while ago I was thinking long and hard about my life and my business trying to decide what my purpose was.

what if little enamel lapel pins could change the way you feel?

"The truth is", I thought to myself, "that jewellery and earrings and lapel pins and handbags are not going to change the world".

They are just things. Things we wear and things we own and like. But still just things. But what if the things we own are full of meaning? What if they can change the way someone feels about something?

lapel pins for introverts and awkward folk

My aim, in business and in life, is to inspire people. I want to help people feel proud of who they are and give them something to display this pride.

book lover, reading addict and night owl enamel lapel pins

I realised that, whilst not changing the world, a little lapel pin could affect how someone feels. Just by putting it on, wearing it or gifting it you could remind yourself that you are bold and brave and smart and strong. You could remember that it's OK to be introverted or love books or crafts or art.

introverted, anti social and awkward enamel lapel pins

You could wear it as a badge to protect yourself against the world. So that is what I am making. Little reminders and little shields. 

Stay Weird

xo Tasha xo

 ps you can find them here

January 25, 2018 — Jubly Umph

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