the unapologetic awards help you celebrate your sassy self

When I was young, I was told I should get good grades, go to uni and graduate, and get a professional and respectful job! To the disappointment of my family, I only did a couple of those things (actually just one). 


I chose my own direction when it came to what my 'job' would be and I wanted to make my passion work for me. When you choose you own way you quickly come to realise that no one is going to give you an award for your choices. 


But you totally deserve one!


So, I have made some you can give to yourself!

 Red and pink award badge reading Un-Apologetic

When I was coming up with ideas for these new awards I knew I really wanted to make a statement about embracing your sassy self and not apologising for who you are. We get told so often, in the media, from friends and family that we should change ourselves. But you are perfect just as you are!

our new Unapologetic award enamel pins



Let me introduce you to the Un-Apologetic Awards Pin Collection!

The Certified Badass pin is for those days when you need to let everyone know you have qualifications. You are not just one of those everyday badasses, you are fully certified!


Certified Badass award pin
When you just don't have the time to explain yourself let the world know you ARE Very Busy and Important

If you have ever wanted to be an influence but you are sick of setting ‘good’ examples. Maybe it is time to be a bad influence!

Very Busy and Impotant pin and Bad Influence pin


When you are feeling pretty awesome with yourself and you need to let others know it too, you probably need a Fucking Legend award!


If anyone ever questions your wardrobe choices or asks you to ‘tone it down a little’ this award will let the world know you that is not an option because you are Fancy As Fuck!


If you get sick of being told you are ‘too-much’, ‘too loud’ or ‘over the top’ stop apologising for it. That’s a ‘them’ problem not a ‘you’ problem! You are perfect just as you are! Be Un-apologetic!


If you ever worry that you over think things too much just remember being pensive is a skill not everyone possesses. You aren’t just a regular over thinker, you are a talented one.


If you cant help being hella sassy then you are probably a bonafied award winning Sass-hole! Wear it with pride.


I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed creating them.



A purple lanyard displaying eight pin designs

These new Un-apologetic Award enamel pins will be launching on Thursday the 22nd of June at 12pm (AEST) so set your alarms and keep an eye on your email!


We will have these pins available individually and in a set of all 8! If you would like to receive an early access sms you can sign up here:  


Which new pin design is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

June 19, 2023 — Branden Courtois


Rebecca said:

These are fabulous. How to choose? I LOVE the Talented Over-thinker and Fancy as Fuck. Will have to get the Very Busy and Important badge too. Tempted to wear all three to work…DAILY.

Valerie Mcclory said:

Fancy as Fuck and Un-Apologetic – I’ll probably wear side by side!

Helen said:

I love these, I would be the overthinker, I hope these come out as patches

Marina Mapleson said:

Bad influence
Thats me lol 😆 😂

Marina Mapleson said:

Bad influence thats me lol 😆 😂

Linda said:

I LOVE ‘Talented Overthinker’. Sometimes, I have to go to my corner & just chill…

Linda said:

I LOVE ‘Talented Overthinker’. Sometimes, I have to go to my corner & just chill…

Deborah said:

I’m definitely a talented over-thinker (with so much unfulfilled potential!), and my cat Fern is very busy and important 😸 :-D

Wilga said:

Will you be doing this collection as socks…..PLEASE!

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