The weather in Australia is trying to kill us at the moment. 40 deg days and blazing sunshine make going out in public hard work. So why not stay in and introvert instead.

Think dark rooms, cool air conditioning and cups of hot tea... sounds divine doesn't it...

If you are a shadow seeker like me than I have made just the artwork for you...

The sun is trying to kill me!!

the sun is trying to kill me tshirt

Life In The Shade

While other people are out, frolicking in the sea, playing footy in the park or melting at the tennis us shadow seekers need to hide, cover ourselves in long shirts and skirts or wait for the sun to go down before venturing outside. 

Stay too long and you could be fried to a crisp, covered in blisters or red as a cooked lobster.

So that you can display your sun-hiding, dark room sitting pride, and also let others know about the deadly sun, I have also made this pic into a new tee for you...

the sun is trying to kill me tshirt


Its perfect for covering up your shoulders whilst still keeping you cool. Available in a Womens Style Tshirt (up to 2xl) and a Unisex/Mens Style(up to mens 5xl) 


 A Fellow Shadow Lurker...

For this illustration I basically just drew myself except that i would usually have a cardigan to cover my arms as well.

Here's a pic of me on a recent holiday to Thailand...(and yes the hotel was chosen for its undercover pool areas)

covering up from the sun


Sad shadow seeker tale- My friends, thinking they were funny, used to call me Rudolf in summertime as my nose was always bright red...teenagers can be so cruel(and sort of accurate lol).

ps. you can find my new The Sun Is Trying To Kill Me tshirt here


January 19, 2018 — Jubly Umph


Lauren said:

I feel you. I’ve gotten sunburn in almost full shade before. My husband was amazed I could burn in 10 mins…. That’s why I don’t do ‘outside’

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