Guess what? It’s my favorite time in the Jubly-Umph calendar.

No, it's not Christmas or Halloween. It's Mystery Box month!   

The Mystery Box is our annual, special release of exclusive limited-edition Jubly-Umph super-secret products. 

oz mystery box

It basically lets me live out my dream of being Santa Claus, minus the home invasion and dubious employment terms. 

caterpillar pin

This year there are two themed boxes - Wonderland and OZ. These are two of my favourite stories of all time. They’re magical worlds that I love to escape to where nothing is quite what it seems and everything is fantastical!  From ruby slippers and talking cats the whimsical and wonderful stories are a breath of fresh air to sneak away to.

oz keychain

ruby slippers pin

Each box comes with 6 exclusive items on the theme. These aren’t just lapel pins - many of these items are completely new to Jubly-Umph. 

cheshire cat

wonderland scarf

They won't be made again, they won't be available separately and once they're sold out, they're gone forever.

Plus this year I’m giving you the opportunity to WIN both mystery boxes. Sign up to go in the draw AND you’ll get early access to the Mystery Boxes. It's a win-win! (Click here to enter)

wonderland box

The Mystery Boxes go live on Wed 18th Nov at 12 pm,  Melbourne time!

Which Mystery Box have you been keeping your eye on - Wonderland or Oz? 

Tell me in the comments!

November 16, 2020 — Jubly Umph
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Deborah Baer said:

Team Oz

Marie said:

I am all about the Oz items – Emerald City, Ruby Slippers and Socks! I will be on here in California at what I consider to be the middle of the night to snag these items. Thank you.

Renee said:

Wonderland 😍😍😍 but the Oz box with that shoe pin. What does a girl so!!

Victoria Gelberg said:

I directed Alice in Wonderland with 400kids in it last year, I fell down the rabbit hole, not sure I’ll ever emerge!

Joanne said:

I’m hoping to get OZ for my 85 year old mother. It’s her favourite movie of all time. She’s a creative & I know this will win Christmas for her. (I’m more of a wonderland girl myself).

MJ said:

Wonderland without a doubt! I am covered in Alice in Wonderland tattoos although don’t yet have the Chesire Cat… these wearables would be perfect for my art collection (tattoo and non-tattoo pieces haha).

Sarah Lang said:

Well given my business is called The Yellow Brick Road Agency and my dog is called Dorothy, and my best friends shop is called Ruby Slippers – I think I need them ALL!!!

Lisa said:

I have 2 daughters, one mad on Alice In Wonderland, the other on the Wizard of Oz. Both are now adults, one is a Primary School teacher, and the other is just finishing her 2nd year of Uni. to teach as well. Would love to see these being added to their classroom decor and wear.

Miss R said:

I absolutely need to get the Wonderland one! :)

Denise said:

Can’t decide . Love Love Love both ideas

Nicole said:

I love the Wizard of Oz theme 👠👠

Jessica Jordan said:

Ohmygod! I love the wizard of oz but I also love Alice in wonderland – I want them both!!!

Mand said:

Completely adore these BOTH!!! yup-fantabulous indeedy. I too, adore both stories. Thanku for helping me smile x

Jess said:

I NEED the Wizard of Oz one! One of my favourite movies growing up (all time fave is Labyrinth – which was what I got last time!). I also used to have a toy dog that looked like Toto and I had named it Potato! HA! Fingers crossed I don’t miss out!

Ellen Sanders said:

Both Both Both!!!

Denae said:

Hoping for both. A big fan of both. Love them!! 😍

Alex Willcocks said:

Why not have both! Tempted to buy 1 each for my girls!

Carrie said:

Wonderland! I love the Cheshire Cat pin. But now I’m seriously tempted by Oz as well…

Peta said:

It’s got to be OZ 😍

Marina said:

Wizard of Oz, my son’s favourite movie growing up. Those red shoes are absolutely beautiful 😍😍😍😍

Laura Sayer said:

For me it has to be wonderland caus I love the Cheshire cat.

Steph said:

So excited for the wizard of oz one!!

Karen said:

New to Jubly-Umph… the covid related pins were my 1st + a few others. These mystery boxes will be my first- I’m totally in love with the sparkly red shoes & YBR socks but I also love Wonderland.
Thanks Tash … thanks for staying weird – I LOVE IT!!

Erika said:

Both for me.😍😍😍 I hope I don’t miss out

Sharon Kanarek said:

The little peaks of both look good, but I will go for Wonderland 😍

Louise Tivendale said:

Go the Wizard of Ozzzzzzz love love love both themes though!

Lizzi said:

I LOVE THE SOCKS, but I already knew I was probably going to buy one of each!

Jill Miglietti said:

Oz all the way, for a very special friend!

Nicole said:

I’m still relative new to the wonders of Jubly-Umph (though I do have over 30 pins) and only found you after last years muster box so this will be my first one. I’m eyeing off the Oz box – that red shoes pin is DIVINE plus I love the key ring and those socks too!! ❤️❤️❤️

Sarah said:

Both being a huge fan of both these fairytales.

Laura said:

Both boxes are amazing! But I’m a HUGE Wizard of Oz fan so I will be getting that one for sure!

Kassarna said:

wonderland because we are all mad here and I am proud to flaunt it.

Stephanie said:

I am so excited for OZ!! I collect everything and anything wizard of oz related so this is the perfect Christmas gift to myself :)

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