Not everyone can wear their hearts on their sleeves, or their innermost thoughts on their lapels. Being able to broadcast your personal feelings on any subject, however valid and important, is a luxury that not all can afford.

There are plenty of complicated, individual reasons to avoid public displaying your opinions and allegiances that might garner the wrong types of attention, including putting your job at risk, or straining your family relationships. Maybe you'd just like to try and avoid unwanted, random social interactions wherever possible?


We get it, and we hear you.

However, we also know that there's a huge group of customers who like to wear their lapel pins UNDER their lapels, so they still get to put on their little reminder to 'stay weird', or pin their 'Got Dressed Today' award on to their clothes somewhere, without having to worry about the social consequences of someone taking issue with one of your pins.


In other words - People like wearing some of our designs for themselves only, and no one else.

So, we made a bunch of new sock designs with some more of our most popular designs on them. That way you get to wear your weird, and take the personal affirmation and strength from them, but no one other than you has to know... Perfect.

Or, wear them with some shorts or a skirt and pull them up so everyone can see them - It's your choice. See how you feel on the day!


Our new sock designs will by launching on Thursday the 7th of April at midday, and there's a couple of absolutely cracking designs in there, so don't dilly dally!

Get them before they 'Run' out. See what I did there?

April 04, 2022 — Jeremy Meaden


Paula Robertson said:

’Don’t be a prick’ and ‘Maybe swearing will help’ are my kind of socks. Cannot wait for their release!

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