We've all gone through tough times in our lives that were just really, really hard. Much harder than you ever thought it could be. Moments when you question how you’re going to manage, and when everything just feels like it's too much.

For me, this year has been one of those times. And, considering we’re two years into a global pandemic, I’m guessing I’m not alone. 

life is tough but so are you

When I'm having a hard day, I find myself repeating little sayings to help keep me calm and grounded. These sayings become a vital part of my daily routine. 

They helped me realise that a lot of what I was stressing about was completely out of my control, and that there was nothing I could do about it: That in the end, 'It will be what it will be' no matter what I do.

it will be what it will be enamel pin

At other times I found myself excited by all the possibilities! That there were so many things I had taken for granted, and that the world was full and ripe with opportunities. That every day was a new excuse to go on an adventure - no matter how small. 

lets go on adventure

Sometimes I just needed to remind myself that even when things felt hard, I would be okay. I’d been through tough times before, and I had always managed. That life was tough... but so was I. 

This collection is like a soothing cup of tea to help get you through those days where you feel exhausted, or scared, or tired. It’s a reminder of how tough, brave, courageous and strong you really are, and that even when you’re pushed out of your comfort zone, you will thrive. And if at the time it doesn’t feel that way, then you have these pins to remind yourself just how strong you really are. 

My new collection launches at 12 pm on Thursday 18th November (AEDT). 

Which design is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay safe, and look after yourselves and each other.

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

November 15, 2021 — Jubly Umph


Joyce Conroy said:

I really like the ‘Life is tough But so are you" for a cancer survivor and ’Done is better than perfect’ for me. Thanks…I’ll order as soon as you put them up.

CuteFruit said:

I was in the Covid response unit from day 1 of the pandemic up until April this year. You’re “done is better than perfect” is so similar to our motto. Ours was “perfect is the enemy of good”. In the beginning people were trying to do / get systems running perfectly but it just didn’t work because things changed so fast and we had to react so quickly. Perfection was definitely the enemy as it took too long. My favourite is – Life is tough but so are you a d it’s all going to be ok. Both ring true to life and it’s trials and tribulations.

Phoebe said:

“It will be what it will be” is my best one but they all hit the spot. I have always thought “can I change it, no well don’t worry about it” Post cards would be a magic idea

Linda said:

I love tha ‘adventure’ one and ‘going to be okay’ the best. They’d be great pins and patches. Thanks!!

Lori Fratturo said:

It will be what it will be. Definitely my favorite one.

Mel Fi said:

So tough to decide, they are all amazing! I do especially love the “It’s all going to be okay” one though – the message resonates with me, and I also love the design….. the snail adventure pin though, oh I hope to be able to start adventuring again really soon, so this is my ‘hope’ choice! Finally, the ‘it will be what it will be’ – I’ve always loved the song ‘que sera sera’ and this is the same sentiment!! with flowers that look like tulips…. which are symbolic for me, because of my Dutch heritage – I had a tulip tattoo (matching with my daughter) done in memory of my dad when he passed away… so yeah, probably those three if I HAVE to narrow it down!

Karen said:

I love them all especially after last night, Mum died, and today organising her farewell. Thank you gor your wonderful pins.

Karen said:

I love them all especially after last night, Mum died, and today organising her farewell. Thank you gor your wonderful pins.

Allison said:

‘It’s all going to be okay’ I need to get one of those for everyone in my life!

Alison said:

“Done is better than perfect”.
That one rings so true for me.

Pat Slade said:

Okie dokie… my favourite saying… can’t wait to buy a couple ..

Deb Sayers said:

Okie Doke – such a brilliant sentiment! Honestly, who doesn’t say this and it is the perfect response to use when there is really a lot more needed but you simply cant be bothered giving the issue the air time. As we were hit with each 2021 opportunity to expand our skillsets, a simple Okie Doke was all that was needed. Lockdown…okie doke; teach from home…okie doke; lockdown again…okie doke. Perfect.

Vicki Maynes said:

It’s all going to be OK!

Fiona said:

Choices! OMG, the detail of the snail, ’Let’s go on an Adventure’, fits with how things are sitting for all Australian’s. But then, ‘Done is better than perfect’ fits for my study at this point, end of a very long year, filled with much anxiety and continual reminders of what is happening around the world. Can we order as a set? Can we order the full selection of postcards?

Lisa said:

I love them all , but my favourite is “it will be what it will be”. I will be getting them all 😍

Carol said:

Okie doke. Def my fav as I use this all the time. My spell check however often writes okey donkey

Ben said:

Love the “It’s all going to be okay”, though the thing I do tell folks in distress is “everything is going to be ok”, it’s it’s not quite perfect – however – done is better than perfect ;)

Cathie said:

My favourite is “Done is better than perfect”. So often the process of doing something is more important than the end result. Good to remember that.

Caitlin O’Connor said:

“Done is better than perfect” ohhhhhh yessss!! And I’m so, so glad you decided to do the “Let’s go on an adventure” snail, because even if that’s just taking a cuppa to the back step and looking outside? That counts.

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