Light and bright my new earring collection is designed especially for those people who can't wear heavier earrings! They are light on the ears, bold and super shiny!

We did a lot of research and have been working on this a while! I have had so many lovely comments from you out there who love my earring designs, but also needed something light on the lobes. So, I sent out an S.O.S and you came to the rescue on your thoughts for these new designs!

There are 8 new earring designs to choose from!


Woman Wearing Earrings

They're Brass with a little Sass. We've added some of our most popular sassy sayings from our latest crafty and awards collections, and for our voracious readers out there I've added a few old and NEW fun book designs to the fold as well!

Some of you may even have caught an early sneaky peak recently in Melbourne at the Finders Keepers Market!


Here's some sneak peaks of the new collection!

Books Are Magic Brass Dangle Earrings

Do you daydream of fighting dragons, solving mysteries, or traveling to far off lands? Here's a little (not so) secret: Books can help you with that, because books are MAGIC!

We all need a little Magic in our lives! Light and Bright these little beauties are one of our most popular designs.


Brass Earring saying Books Are Magic

Booktopus Brass Dangle Earrings

Are you THAT person who buys all the new books and wants to read them all at once? Does your book collection seem to be getting out of hand? Just because you've turned your house into a library doesn't mean your a hoarder! The Booktopus get's it! If only you had more hours in the day, more days in the week, more arms!!!

Light and airy these Booktopus earrings let everyone know your passion for reading, and it's not hoarding if it's books!



Embrace The Chaos Brass Dangle Earrings

You've got a lot going on. So many tasks to complete, so many activities to attend, so many thoughts running through your head. Some may say there is too much on your plate and you are all over the shop!


So what if you seem a little chaotic to others.

You embrace the chaos that is your life! Show them you are super proud of what you're accomplishing and be a little fancy too with these light dangles!


Embrace the Chaos Earring

Fucking Legend Brass Dangle Earrings

You're not afraid to take risks and stand out from the crowd. You've worked hard to get where you are and you're proud of who you have become. These earrings are so light you may forget they are there! Let everyone see them see and know that you my friend are a Fucking Legend!


Fucking Legend Brass Earrings


I like Big Books Brass Dangle Earrings

You're an avid reader. The bigger the book, the better. Something you can really sink your teeth into. No short novels for you. It's all about spending hour upon hour delving into more substantial and weighty volumes.

The more pages, the merrier! They'll know it for sure when they see you wearing these light weight beauties...You like Big Books and you cannot lie!


I Like Big Books Earring

Just One More Chapter Brass Dangle Earrings

It's always the way. You know you should be going to bed, doing the washing, finishing off the certain project, but you are at a critical point in your book that you just can't put it down.

You tell yourself "Just One More Chapter", and you'll stop. You know you're kidding yourself, but it sounds good. They'll know what you are up to when your buried in a book wearing these light and bright cuties!


Just One More Chapter Earrings


Mischief Maker Brass Dangle Earrings

Make a statement. Do your eyes widen with delight as you reach into your stash? Do you hide your sharpest scissors on purpose so no one else gets to touch them? Do pointy needles, beautiful thread and a new idea in your head fill you with glee!

You can do anything you want, just make some mischief. You ARE the creative master! And you can now let everyone know it, with our light classy and brassy cut-out dangle earrings!


Mischief Maker Earring


Tea And Books Brass Dangle Earrings

Late at night or during the day, when the house is quiet, there are two things that go hand in hand (literally).

Tea and Books!

Wear these light and bright earrings with pride!


Tea and Books Earring

I am so excited to be launching this new light and bright brass earring collection! I hope you love the Light, Brass and a touch of Sass as much as I do!

There are 8 new brass earring designs in this collection and they launch this Thursday the 2nd of November at 12pm AEST.

Which one is your favourite? (let me know in the comments!)

October 30, 2023 — Branden Courtois


Lee Mcfarlane said:

Definitely the Fucking Legend earrings because you are one ❤️💜🩵💚🧡💙🩷💛

Narelle Young said:

I like Big Books, I love big books and I love Mischief Making in my sewing room… Actually every one of the 8 rings a delicious light twinkly bell for me thank you, you wonderful inspiring creature ❣️

Mandi said:

I cannot pick one, they are all marvellous but if I was forced to I would have to either pick the octopus or tea and books. See I just can’t pick one!!

Rachel said:

Mischief Maker and Fucking Legend!!! Hahaha!

Robyn McCallum said:

Live then all but I think Embrace the chaos would work for me. So happy becos your other earrings are too heavy for my ears

Monique said:

Oh, fantastic! Love your designs, but need lighter earrings now days. Can’t wait to try these out!

Vicki said:

Just one more chapter
Fucking Legend.

Sandra Fraser said:

Fabulous collection. I’d love to own and wear all of them, I’d spend my days telling people to ‘read the earings’ as a reply to any questions.

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