After last year, (the year that shall not be named), I wanted to kick off 2021 with a bang. With products I knew you would love.

And frankly, that is a lot of pressure, especially for an anxiety expert like me.

I had so many ideas and so many half-finished designs. But nothing felt *right*.

But I had started noticing a theme in my messages and comments. It went something like this: 

“Oh I love this design. Does it come in earrings?”

“When are you going to release more earrings?”

“I wish you did earrings”*

I suddenly realised that  I was overthinking it...again. So I decided to give you what you wanted and expand my range of earrings to include more of our best sellers because I already know you love them! 

There are a few sweary ones, because we all have days like that:



There’s some to uplift and celebrate in your quirky uniqueness:


There’s some for the creatives:


There’s something to remind you just how strong you truly are:


In fact I think that there is really something for everyone! 

My new earring collection will launch at 12pm on Thursday 11th February (AEST). 

What design is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below :

Stay safe and look after yourselves and each other.

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

*My first lot of enamel earrings launched last September. You can see them here.

February 08, 2021 — Jubly Umph


Rebecca said:

Well, first, I’m an artist and I drink tea…so “I’m Craf-tea” is definitely for me! But second, my hair’s just grown back after chemo, so yeah, I’m also “Fighting invisible battles”. 2020, well, lost my job, my MIL died, my dying FIL (in nursing home) got covid, my husband has health issues, and now have toilet/fridge/washer/dishwasher that all need to be replaced, so yeah, I’ll also need the “No fucks left” ones. Despite it all, I still love life and God loves me, so I should also get “Perfectly Imperfect” for a clean sweep! I love your stuff, so keep doing what you’re doing…and Thanks!

Terri said:

They all look great but Craftea and Perfectly Imperfect are my favourite

Katherine said:

I love being ‘perfectly imperfect’! Only because I wouldn’t be able to wear ‘no f$&@‘s left’ at work!

Laura Norman said:

I want all of these! I think I must start with “No Fucks Left”. That just fits me far too often.

Diana said:

OMG I love them all so much! No Fucks Left is hands down my favorite. Can’t wait to order a few pairs! 💗

Jessica Smith said:

Love love love your stuff! One request, could you possibly release some earrings in silver? Thanks!

Kristie Gibson said:

My favorites are the “I’m Craf-tea!” ✏️🍵 ~ and the “Fighting Invisible Battles” 🗡 🌸

Sue Leonard said:

I would like to see earring saying Kindness is Easy I have the pin and love it

Kim said:

Oooh I love these!!! After the year that we shall not name, I will be buying a pair of the “perfectly imperfect” design xx

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