Everyone deserves an award.

Remember how in primary school there would be awards for everything and anything: Neatest handwriting, craziest hair, tried the hardest etc.

You didn't have to be the best at everything. It was just enough that you were you the best at being you, whatever that entailed.

But adults rarely get recognition or awards.

 Doing a good job award pin for adults
And some days are an absolute battle! The days when it is hard to participate in life, or show up, or get by. The days when you are doing your okay-est!

 Those are the days you deserve awards.

 So I made you some!!

Social distancing expert pin art

These new pins are a reminder that every day has it's challenges and every day you rise to the occasion. Maybe you did a fantastic job in the garden? Or stopped your kids from fighting? Or perhaps, it's just enough that you got dressed.

Doing my okay-est is the perfect gift for anyone going through tough times

They can be self awarded or given to a friend or colleague that you know deserves it!!

Did'nt stab anyone today award pin for adults

They can be worn as a reminder that you are good enough just being you: That every day has its achievements, no matter how small, and that they should be celebrated.

See the whole collection HERE!

Okay-est Award FREEBIES!

To celebrate the new collection I have created this FREE colouring sheet and phone wallpaper to award yourself with! Just click HERE to download the sheet now!

FREE okay-est award colouring sheet

Click HERE to download the phone wallpaper

okayest award phone wallpaper

Which new pin is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below :

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

May 25, 2020 — Anna Czermak


Grace said:

Just received my first order of pins and enjoying them. I am a Social Distancing Expert as I only go out when I need to due to an elderly person in the house.


Every new collection I think is my favourite and you wouldn’t be able to top it but your always do. Your design’s always make my heart sing. As a nurse I have become a “Social Distancing Expert.” these past weeks but Didn’t stab anyone today" fits perfectly lately. Thank you Tasha for another amazing collection.

L Norman said:

I NEED the didn’t stab anyone pin!

Jessica said:

OMG. I love your lapel pins. I just got my first order. Now time to order more. loving the social distancing pin as I work in retail.

Ruth Benney said:

I could wear that on SPECIAL occasions not everyday of course 😉😆

Ruth Benney said:


Marianne Bodine said:

I like “Social Distancing Expert.” I’ve been working alone in the museum archives during the pandemic, months now it seems! I’ve got a little sign on the Archive Room door: “I’m in my own little world, but it’s OK. They know me here.”

Kat said:

Doing my OK-est and Didn’t stab anyone today will be definitely added to my collection!!

Karen said:

I need the ‘Didn’t Stan anyone today’ badge. Is that appropriate to wear at work? My kids each want that one too, so perhaps I should be more disturbed about my family?! Love Jubly-Umph – so many awesome pins, I want them all!

Claudine said:

Love them all. Thankyou for doing an awesome job in making these pins and your wonderful ideas for slogans. I often feel depressed and these pins lift my mood. I want them all ! Favs are
Got dressed today, Didn’t stab anyone today, Doing my Ok-est.
Thankyou 😁

Kate said:

These are so so good!! I can’t wait to see these drop. I’ll have a super long overseas shipping wait – but I don’t care!!

Cady said:

Doing My Okay-est is the one I’m most likely to wear in public, but Didn’t Stab Anyone Today is closest to my heart.

Sarah said:

I agree with everyone else, they all are fabulous! But I really love, “Didn’t Stab Anyone Today.” Suits my personality perfectly, and I’d love to get one for my best friend too! xxx

Jodie said:

doing my okayest and didn’t stab anyone today are my faves!

Lee Thornton said:

“Doing My Okayest” and “Got Dressed Today” are my favourites. I work in Mental health and can see that these would be really popular with some of the clients too.

Caitlin O'Connor said:

Living with chronic, invisible illness (and social isolating most of the time anyway) I love all these! “Got dressed today” is great, “doing my okay-est” is wonderful, but “Didn’t stab anyone today” is my top favourite!

Leigh said:

I love them all! But my favourite is “Didn’t stab anyone today”

Helene said:

I’m with Belinda Brown. ‘Doing My Okay-est’ & ‘Social Distancing Expert’ & ‘Got Dressed Today’ were the definite faves THEN ’Didn’t stab anyone today’ trumped them all. xxx

Jo said:

These are so good. I love ‘I didn’t stab anyone today’, though ‘Participation Award’ seems about right today. Will go nicely with my Jubbly Umph mother’s day award.

Alannah said:

I love them and they release on my birthday! <3 As a person living with a hidden disability, I love the “Doing my Okayest” hard to choose between that and “Didn’t Stab Anyone Today” They’re all brilliant, how could these not make you happy? Thank you! xxx

Belinda Brown said:

I have been desperate to get my mits on Social Distancing Expert, but now I see ‘Didn’t stab anyone today’ – love them!

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