Its been a hot minute since I designed some new socks. The hardest part of it is actually choosing what designs I am going to make before I even start to draw. So I turned to the Jubly community to help me out and together we decided on 6 new takes on some old favourites.

We've gone and managed to get the perfect stocking stuffers made in time for Christmas and we think these new sock designs just look sooooo good!

Check out these sneak peeks....

We're All Mad Here!

If you're feeling out of your depth, sometimes the best thing to do is just embrace the madness and dive head-first down that rabbit hole.

We're All Mad Here Socks


Not Now, Not Ever

Being subjected to a good dose of man-splaining is extremely frustrating at best (and apoplexy inducing at worst!) but these socks are here to remind you: You don't have to put up with that rubbish. Not now, not ever.

not now not ever socks

 Strong, Sassy, Sweary

It's a lot harder for people to complain about something if they've had advance warning about it happening.

 So, if you're one of those strong, sassy people who likes to keep it honest and sweary, I'd like to recommend to you these socks: It makes sure that everyone knows to get out of your way.

Strong Sassy Sweary Socks

Do No Harm, Take No Shit!

For those days when you care, but you wont be walked over!

do no harm take no shit socks



They're bright, they're colourful, they are bad-ass and I hope you love them. 

Our new sock collection is launching on Thursday the 1st of December at 12:00pm Midday AEDT, so set your alarms!

Which design is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

ps. Our cut-off for orders to arrive before Christmas is fast approaching, so if you want to make sure to get your goodies before then don't dilly-dally!

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November 28, 2022 — Jeremy Meaden


Penny said:

Love them!!

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