After two years of putting up with the constant, looming threats of Covid, Wars, and economic ruin, you could be forgiven for having added a few choice ‘four letter words’ and phrases to your vocabulary. They really do help one handle adversity, and their judicious usage can illicit quite a remarkable turnaround in one’s general mood and demeanour.

That’s why we came up with this latest collection – To help us cope in these dark times.

Then, just when we thought everything was settling down a bit, they went right ahead and called a federal election!

I mean, have we not been through enough? Give us an effin’ break already!

So, the collection was renamed – to the ‘Effin’ Election Lapel Pin Collection’.

Now, we want to make sure that everyone knows that the reason we feel the need to use four letter words when we think/talk about the election, is because we DO care. Deeply. There’s an awful lot at stake at the moment. Arguably, there’s more at stake now that at any other time in recent memory, and now isn’t the time for apathy. This pin is to make sure that people know that you really care, and they should too. Like, they really REALLY need to care.


 i fucking care enamel pin

(Not) in the immortal words of one of the greatest aussie pub rock bands of all time (The Angels), we present our default answer to the very idea of casting your vote for any party who supports tax cuts for the rich, permits and public funding for projects that significantly contribute to climate change, or that promotes laws which erode the civil liberties and bodily autonomy of the most at-risk groups in society. We say: No Way! (Get Fucked, Fuck Off!)


no way get fucked fuck off enamel pin

And for the last of our previews, we present the default phrase of tired, over-worked, stressed and anxious people everywhere who are worried about climate change, women’s rights, the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine etc. etc…

...when they are forced to listen to some out-of-touch old bloke try and 'man-splain' their concerns away. Yeah… Nah.


yeah nah lapel pin


This collection will finally debut on Thursday, the 5th of May at Midday (AEST), and if you’re after some of them then don’t wait! Get them before they’re gone!

May 02, 2022

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