Life advice from your grandparents- Crafty Wisdom

Life advice from your grandparents- Crafty Wisdom

Why is it important to be proud of your crafty side?

If you asked me to describe myself in 3 words I would probably say, arty, bookish and crafty. They are 3 aspects of myself that I am the most proud of and have been important to me for my entire life.

My business Jubly-Umph started from a love of craft when I used to hand make every single jewellery piece from start to finish.

Speaking to a few friends I have hear the same thing from them. It is an extension of themselves. It is as important to them as breathing.

In our mad world full of fast fashion and disposable prepacked goods there is something truly marvelous about making things with your hands. Creating things! Our grandparents did it and they had the best advice in regards to crafting that can be carried over into all aspects of life.

My grandmother used to say ‘measure twice, cut once’. And although I am not always great at following her advice I have found it to be relevant every time I didn’t follow it and got it wrong.

I asked a few people online to share life advice from their grandparents and I just had to share them with you.

Here are some snippets of granny gold!

1. My Grandfather used to say when we visited, "Nice of you to come and it's nice of you to go..." Angela

2. My Nana told me "Never sew tired"; "Always put everything out and back in order in case the baby cries" (especially when cooking!); "A blunt knife is a dangerous knife" Caity

3. My grandad always told me to tuck your shirt in and wear a singlet to keep the chill off your kidneys. Kymberley

4. “If you whistle at the table you will marry a madman” Marina

5. “Dont say ‘hate’ It’ll give you wrinkles.


If you havent grabbed a jewellery or art piece from my Crafty Wisdom collection you better get in quick. The first batch is selling out very fast!

And I know what my gran would say to that..."The early bird catches the worm"....(so much granny gold!!)

Stay Weird

Xo Tasha Xo



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