Curious about our new collection? These pictures will probably just make you curiouser... and curiouser.


We wanted to start this year off with something fun and positive and what better than our favourite quotes! They are inspirational, relate-able and badass!

It's a lapel pin collection for those who aren't afraid to embrace their madness, dive down that rabbit hole and start misbehaving!

We're all mad here alice lapel pin

Or just go to the library. That's also a great thing to do.

Our new collection of six new lapel pins, featuring inspiring quotes from some of our favourite books and films. 



When in doubt go to the library illustration



This collection launches at 12pm AEST Thurdsay 24th Jan. We only have 200 of each pin design available at the launch so keep your eyes peeled.


Which design are you most excited about?


Ps. if you want early access to the collection then sign up to my mailing list here:

January 22, 2019 — Bold Commerce Collaborator


Alison B said:

All of them! I’m hoping that number 6 is a leaf on the wind…

Lizzi said:

You have absolutely outdone yourself here, these and frickin spectacular and I can’t wait to get my weird little mitts on each and every one! 😍

Sue-Ellen Downie said:

Fantastic. I can relate and many of my friends to these quirky brooches. Love them

Leonie Ann said:

We’re all mad here & We are the weirdo’s mister, can’t wait 💖

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