Its that time of year again when we celebrate our unique, fun, weird and talented mums. At Jubly-Umph we pride ourselves on creating enamel pin designs to help people express themselves without needing to say a word and that got us thinking…can we find the perfect enamel pin present for all the mums out there?

We have put together this little list to help you find out- If your mum was a pin. What would they be?

Hint: there can be more than one…


Weird is wonderful enamel pin


The Eccentric Mum

Let's face it, she’s not like the rest, and thank goodness for that! She’s taught you to embrace your quirks, your oddities, and all those delightful little eccentricities that make you, well, you! Thanks Mum!

Enamel Pin Recommendation: Weird Is Wonderful

Wear it: The school pickup, family gatherings, on a work lanyard



I am the audacity enamel pin


The Over-the-top Mum

She’s been told she was too much when she’s just… being her! She’s too loud, too over the top, too different!

Bah! Lucky she taught you the answer isn’t to make yourself smaller and quieter or demurer. It’s to own it! You’re the best, Mum!

Enamel Pin Recommendation: I Am The Audacity

Wear it: Zoom meetings, family gatherings, public transport

Bottled Sunshine enamel pin


The Sunshine Mum

She’s endlessly positive, always seeing the best in any situation and she shines that positivity on everything around her. She’s a glass-half-full kind of person, with a rainbow in every cloud attitude and she’s made your life better by just being her.

Thanks for everything Mum!

Enamel Pin Recommendation: Bottled Sunshine

Style it: on a scarf, sunhat, or cardigan

fucking legend award ribbon enamel pin


The Legendary Mum

She’s not afraid to take risks and stand out from the crowd. She’s battled to be where she is, and she’s taught you that through challenges, we become more than we used to be. Mum, you are a Fucking Legend!

Enamel Pin Recommendation: Fucking Legend

Wear it: School pickup, work, gallery openings, everywhere really…


sewciopath sewing machine enamel pin


The Crafty Mum

Endless hours hunched over a table with barely adequate light is her trademark. She prefers the company of a good overlocker to people, and she’s taught you creativity and resourcefulness... plus she mends your things for you. Thanks Mum!

Enamel Pin Recommendation: Sewciopath

Wear it: doing projects, buying fabric (to impress the other shoppers), stitch n bitch session.


it's not hoarding if it's books octopus enamel pin


The Bookish Mum

Just because she’s turned her house into a library doesn’t mean she’s a hoarder. She buys ALL the books and wants to read them all at once, but she taught you a love of reading and for that you’ll be forever grateful. Mum, you’re amazing!

Enamel Pin Recommendation: It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Books

Style it: work lanyard, on a bookish tote bag to wear to the bookstore to buy more books.

Fancy as fuck award enamel pin


The Bougie Mum

She likes a little elegance. She appreciates the finer things in life and she deserves nothing but the best. She taught you that as far as anyone is concerned, we deserve it all. Thank’s Mum! You're Fancy as Fuck!

Enamel Pin Recommendation: Fancy As Fuck

Wear it: To a fancy restaurant, op shopping, to annoy your uptight family member who thinks that ‘swearing is unladylike’


Mother of the fucking year enamel pin


Super Mum

Is she constantly elbows deep in dirty nappies? Having long, complicated arguments with small, selfish little demon-beings about the colour of their food? She’s the 'mother of the fucking year'. Here's her reminder that she’s actually doing a kickass job.

Enamel Pin Recommendation: Mother Of The Fucking Year

Wear it: to school pickup, parent teacher interviews, supermarket


stitching is my therapy enamel pin


Stitchy Mum

Some people exercise, others garden…Not her! She solves the problems of the world by the simple art of stitching. Each project a new chapter, each stitch a calming motion. She creates artistic masterpieces out of piles of cotton and thread and knows that all problems can be figured out and solved whilst listening to the drum drum of a sewing machine or light pop pop of needle on fabric.

Enamel Pin Recommendation: Stitching is my therapy

Style it: on the latest sewing project, denim jacket, or hat.


elixir of courage potion bottle enamel pin


Courageous Mum

This year has been tough on her. Constant ups and downs but she keeps going no matter what. She shows her courage in her positive language and always meeting challenges head on. It hasn’t always been easy but her courage is relentless and she is an inspiration to those around her.

Thanks for being a beacon of hope mum!

Enamel Pin Recommendation: Elixir of Courage

Keep it: next to desk at work, in your handbag for a little reminder


there's no such thing as too many books frog enamel pin


Should-have-been-a-librarian Mum

There are lots of things you can have too much of, but books aren't one of them! She likes to show the world she’s a true bibliophile by collecting, grouping, storing and sorting her endless books. You never have to wonder what to read next because she always has a new recommendation and a just-finished copy you can borrow.

Thanks for giving me your love of reading mum.

Enamel Pin Recommendation: There’s no such thing as too many books.

Style it: on a jacket, book bag or dress.


Which one or ones would your mum be? (she can be more than one).

Let us know in the comments below.


May 07, 2024 — Jubly Umph

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