Tattoos are so much fun. They are the perfect way to capture a feeling and a moment and a memory forever. 

One question that I get asked every week is 'Can I get your image tattooed?". In fact i got asked that question 4 times today. You guys really know how to make a girl feel special!!

Lauras librarian tattoo featuring art by jubly-umph

I am so honored that people love my artwork so much that they want it tattooed on them. I love it when I meet my lovely fans who show me their tattoos and send me photos and tag me on social media. (#jublytattoo)

Jacintas Bake or die tattoo with art by Jubly-Umph


The answer to that question is that you are welcome to get any of my designs tattooed. I only ask that you promise to send me a photo of the finished piece.

Jodees Anchor tattoo with art by Jubly-Umph

While I don't charge anything for the use of my artwork I do really appreciate it when you purchase a print of the artwork off my site(you can see some here) or if the art insnt available purchase another item for yourself. (like my fav items here)

Whilst I love to share my art, your purchase is what helps me to create more art and make a living(being an artist is not all fun and games).

If you want to ask me any questions on getting a tattoo feel free to email me at any time. I love to chat!

XO Tasha


 ps. i think these designs would make great tattoos. Click on the pics to see more :)

i think this crafty bitch yarn heart broch would make a great tattoo Wanderlust brooch featuring my tattoo style globe. this is the cutest brooch Readers gotta read is the perfect design for book lovers and librarians. it would make a great tattoo

March 15, 2017 — Jubly Umph


Michelle milikins said:

Hey there…..ive have a jubly tatt…you may rember its th e japenese womans face inside the owl…it was on a purese. …i love it.Am wanting another but want to keep withe bird theme. Do you have any other bird illustrations/ideas for a tattoo. Im aware you jave drawn the owl with light house and blue bird with collsr boach. So maybe you would have some bird ideas….???? Thanks kindly Millie the birdnerd.

Sian - Cobalt Heights said:

I love my Queen Bee Tattoo!!! I now have the entire range of jewellery, AND a matching “buzzy bee” outfit LOL – Taking matchy matchy to the extreme!

Dani said:

Great post! I’ll have to get one of your works tattooed one day :)

Janine said:

They are three that I am currently carrying around in my wallet to decide between… i have two as shirts and am awaiting the third as a brooch…

Love love love

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