I love My Shop! An interview with Jo from Once More With Feeling Vintage in Seddon

I love My Shop! An interview with Jo from Once More With Feeling Vintage in Seddon

Once more with feeling vintage sign. This shop stock a lovely selection of Jubly-Umph jewellery

1. Tell us a little bit about who you are and where we can find your store?

I have a theatrical background and still tread the boards,sing in a gospel choir and play guitar.
I've always loved fashion and clothing and op shopping and collecting so it was a natural progression to combine all of these things and open a Vintage shop named Once More,with Feeling in Seddon, Vic :)

Vintage clothies, dresses, jewellery and boots can be found at Once More With Feeling Shop in Seddon. As well as a cute selection of Jubly-umph brooches, cardigan clips and vegan handbags

2. Does your store have a theme or focus?

I guess my stores theme or focus is Vintage clothing and accessories for men and women as well as Vintage style clothing and accessories that are predominantly designed and made locally. It was very important to me that anything that was new had to come from within Australia. I've made an exception with Miz Mooz shoes but that's just because they are so fabulous :) I also stock  mostly Australian vintage labels, you'd be surprised at the quality and abundance of designers we had.

3. What kind of products and brands do you stock?

Other than Vintage I stock the following independent designers :- The Magic Thread Cardigans, Retrospec'd clothing, Erstwilder, Jubly Umph, Peta Pledger, The Moby Duck, Kate & Rose, Miz Mooz shoes, Sun jellies baskets, Wendy and Holly jelly shoes, Catch a Thief Sunglasses and Miss Fun Bags.

Cute and quirky jubly-umph brooches, cardigan clips and necklaces
4. What things are inspiring you lately?

I'm inspired by a lot of things. Art, film, theatre, fashion now and in the past,different
cultures, colour, patterns, fabric, sustainability, design, street fashion, flowers and people.

The lovely Jo from Once More With Feeling Vintage. One of our lovely Jubly-Umph stockists

 5. How long have you been in Business. I've been open a little over 2.5 years.

Find Jo on facebook and instagram

Facebook /oncemorewithfeelingvintage

Instagram @oncemorewithfeelingvintage

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