Summer can be hard if you happen to be allergic to sunshine and the outdoors or if you just prefer the company of ghosts and weirdos. But there are times when you have to go out and when I do I take my summer style inspiration from my fav ladies of darkness.

She is strange and she is unusual and she is known to hangout with ghosts and ghouls. Here is my Lydia Deetz inspired summer outfit....  


lydia deetz style inspiration

1. Black Mia Maxi Dress from Modella Clothing

2. Strange & Unusual Tote Bag  See here

3. Giant Black Sun Hat from Amazon

4. Black flecked Havaianas 

5. Inflatable sandworm from Amazon

6. Stay Weird Pin from Jubly-Umph

lydia deetz style inspo for summer

January 11, 2019 — Jubly Umph


Krys from Modella Clothing said:

Love this post and the way you have styled our black maxi – thanks heaps for featuring our product!

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