To the word-smiths and the mark-makers, to the astonishing artists, the pensive philosophers, the witty writers and the tantalising teachers... this is the collection for you. 

Choose your weapon enamel pin


I must admit, truthfully, that I have always planned to be a writer. That is all I have ever wanted to be.

I fell into illustration as a procrastination but found satisfaction in creating short and succinct prose and pictures which I formed into pins and jewellery, product descriptions and social media posts (there is an art to it you know). 

good grammar and awesome alliteration artwork

I enjoy making a statement with a minimum number of words, and carefully craft meaning into miniature mementos. 

I also appreciate alliterations...can you tell?

Writers fuel pin

This collection is my ode to writers and creators everywhere. 

Those who Read, Write, Create and Make!

 read write create make pins

Those who can't decide if they will be the Protagonist or the Antagonist of their story today (yes, this pin will be reversible)...

protagonist antagonist pin artwork

And those who believe that to see and understand the world through other people's eyes we must read diversely.


My new pin collection is launching at 12pm on Thursday 24th September  (AEST). We will have the pins available individually, and also a limited number of Pin Sets. 

 the Jubly-Umph good grammar collection is here

Which new pin is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below :

Stay safe and look after yourselves and each other.

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

September 21, 2020 — Jubly Umph


Rebecca said:

Love, love, love these! Did you know that there is an organization called “We Need Diverse Books”?! ( Their motto is
“Imagine a world in which all children can see themselves in the pages of a book.” How great is that?!? And now there’s a pin for that…. <3

Alexandra Fraser said:

The Protagonist/Antagonist one is brilliant!

Sabine Downes said:

Given I learned to type on a typewriter, and I still have one, I love write on!

Cheryl Feldman said:

Choose Your Weapon and Read, Write, Create, Make are the top two but then Write On with the typewriter is just behind them. Great collection! I look forward to adding to my Jubly-Umph pin collection.

Lynette said:

I love the “write on” typewriter and the “choose your weapon”. Hard to tell which between these are my favourites. The whole collection is really well thought out and compiled – so will probably get the collection in the end

Katrina B said:

“Read Write Create Make” is my fave at the moment, but I love the whole set. :-)

Anna Skazis said:

Bibliophile for sure…….will definitely buy this pin as it describes me perfectly….you should see my much-loved ‘library’

Darlene said:

“Choose Your Weapon” is my favorite, followed closely by a tie between “Write On” and “Bibliophile”. ❤

Chelsea said:

Will any of these be available as prints/posters? They’d look great in my classroom!

Tracy said:

‘Choose your weapon’ sums me up perfectly

Jeni Zoganas said:

It’s difficult to choose! Pro/Antagonist, Choose your weapon, Writer’s fuel definitely my favorites.

Tony Rogers said:

Cooee from the Blue Mountains 👋😃
My favourite in your new collection is “Writer’s Fuel”.

Melinda Gilbert said:

I love Writer’s Fuel and Bibliophile! You pins are beautiful!!

Elizabeth Simpson said:

“Read Diverse Authors” is my favourite, followed closely by “Choose Your Weapon”. Love this collection!

Christine Regan said:

This is the best set yet! My absolute favourite is CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON. Wonderful.

CiCi said:

All of them! Please provide a collection discount please. 😊

Deborah said:

Choose your weapon! My absolute favourite.

Grace said:

I love them all but if I was to choose one it would be ‘Choose Your Weapon’. To keep sane I am keeping written notes to look back when these crazy times are over. 🤗😳😭🤪😅

JennieKew said:

These make my author heart so happy! squeee

Heather Zubek said:

Oh my goodness! These look amazing! Do I have to choose just one?? Ok all of them please!

Angela Twiselton said:

Definitely Choose your weapon. Mostly because it would remind me how to spell choose.

Jane said:

Love “Read diverse authors”. Working in a secondary school library we strive to provide diversity both in authors and our fiction.

Lynne Lumsden Green said:

Protagonist/Antagonist … I like how you can ‘flip’ them!

Naomi said:

I love them all but if I had to choose one it would be “read, write, create, make.”
They are awesome – brilliant job. 💗

Deb said:

Good Grammar/Awesome Alliteration and Read Diverse Authors are my picks

RHONDA said:

These are cool – may need to grab a few spares for my creative son too. “Choose your weapon” and “Protagonist/Antagonist”

Jen Stosser said:

I was so hoping that you’d have one that says “Perendination is twice as good as procrastination.” Maybe next time? (hehe)

Jen Stosser said:

I was so hoping that you’d have one that says “Perendination is twice as good as procrastination.” Maybe next time? (hehe)

Samantha said:

I love soo many of these but my two absolute faves are the read diverse authors and the bibliophile pins. I need these in my life as I’m a library tech by trade and just about to start a new full time job!!!! These would be an excellent present to myself.

Nic said:

Favourite would have to be ‘Write On’. Love the old classic typewriter.

Robyn Francis said:

Good Grammar, Bibliophile and Choose Your Weapon, are my favourites

Felicity said:

Wonderful collection!! Puuurfect for inspiring my budding 12 year old Daughter, who is mad about art, insane about writing & addicted to your pin sets!!! Can’t wait till the 24th September!!!

Amy Hutton said:

I think I need them all!!

Caitlin O'Connor said:

Fair warning, I may need two sets…. this may be my favourite set you’ve released this year!

Sassy Lang said:

I love ALL of these! I am going to have to start a new apron or jacket as my existing one is getting very heavy. These are just brilliant. My favourite to date!

Tracy Mcconnon said:

I love the protagonist/antagonist one but my fav would have to be read diverse authors 💜

Lisa said:

To elegantly expand on my initial response of “all of them!” – my favourite is ‘choose your weapon.’

Perhaps you could calmly consider artistically adding ‘peripatetic peregrinator’ to your proliferating possibilities…? 😊

Mitch White said:

Read diverse authors!! Open up your your eyes to new places. Thanks for that ine 🥰

Shae said:

Write on! ;) :)

Lynette Poole said:

These look awesome!! Can’t wait to get my hands on these….and onto my lapels!!!

Olivia said:

Definitely need the Bibliophile pin!!

Helen Filby said:

Love “Choose your Weapon”. Son and daughter in law are both writers so will be shopping this collection 😍

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