UPDATE! We raised and donated $5065 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation! This is such an amazing result and I wanted to thank everyone who bought a pin and helped!! 


This one is real close to my heart. It is a design request that I have received over and over again but have found it difficult to draw.

Because myself and so many of my friends, family and customers have been affected by this and just want to say- fuck cancer!

Well, we listened to you all, and our new 'Fuck Cancer' lapel pin is now ready to be released to coincide with breast cancer awareness month


fuck cancer charity pin


Rates of cancer haven't been affected by lockdowns or travel bans. While the world has been occupied managing Covid-19, cancer has quietly continued affecting lives all over the world as quickly and relentlessly as it always has.

All our staff here at Jubly-Umph have been affected by cancer in one way or another, with everyone having relatives and loved ones whose lives were derailed by a sudden and unexpected diagnosis.


fuck cancer charity enamel pin


So, with the huge number of requests for a 'Fuck Cancer' lapel pin piling up in our inbox, and breast cancer awareness month fast approaching, we knew it was time to step up and do what we could to help fundraise for the national breast cancer foundation's biggest fundraising month of the year.


fuck cancer enamel pin by jubly-umph


On Thursday the 7th of October, we'll be releasing a limited edition of 500 pins, with every cent of the profits going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help them achieve their goal of zero deaths by breast cancer by the year 2030.

What a wonderful, world changing achievement that would be!

We'll send out emails to everyone on the mailing list on Thursday at 12:00pm to let them know when it goes on sale. 

Join us then, to help spread the word: Fuck Cancer.

October 04, 2021 — Jubly Umph


Julie Robertson said:

Really love to buy the fuck cancer pin j

Caroline Daly said:

Would really love to get a couple of these for myself and my daughter in honour of my husband who lost his battle with lung cancer in May. Hopefully you will be able to get these in again. Would also love them as socks. Thanks Jubly-Umph 😊

Stephanie Falcinella said:

Thank you Jubly-Umph.

Jay said:

looking for a ’fuck cancer" for head and neck cancer survivor

Wilga said:

My husband has just finished 6 months of chemo and starts radiotherapy tomorrow as part of his treatment for breast cancer….have you some blue backgrounded badges for men and their families that have the same message? If not, is it possible to obtain some??? Men are a small but significantly overlooked group of breast cancer patients….

Anne-Marie Dunks said:

Please keep me posted on when these Pins are available as I’ve got friend’s fighting Breast Cancer 🎀 over here in England. I’d like to show my support is World 🌎 wide because we need to get together to stay positive love to you & your talent always from Anne-Marie xXxXx

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