Introducing 5 brand new little potion bottles, containing curious concoctions of mysterious and uncertain origin...

no regrets poison bottle lapel pin

Our new lapel pin collection is called 'Curious Concoctions', and for very good reason: They're 5 completely new potion bottle designs, all derived from wonderful suggestions from all over the place! Some from very close (staff suggestions at Jubly-Umph!) and some from very far away (emails and messages from, well, pretty much everywhere!)


Their curious origins are only the beginning of the story, as their meanings and powers are equally as mysterious...

mostly harmless quote lapel pin

Not really actually. In typical Jubly-Umph fashion we've made the messages as forthright, honest, and empowering as we can.

They're designed to be fortifying, strengthening, and to protect you against the worst the world has to offer. Have a squizz at the sneak peaks below:



Sometimes, at the end of a hard day, a long, cool drink is in order. Is there a more quenching and satisfying drink for that occasion than a bit of Sin and Tonic? If there is, we've never heard of it.



We all need a bit of extra brightness sometimes, especially when the clouds are gathering and there's a bit of rain on the horizon... with this pin you can have a little extra top up of warmth with you at all times, for when you need it most.

new potion lapel pin

This wonderful new collection will be launching on Thursday the 17th at Midday (AEDT) so set your alarms and keep an eye on your email!

Which new pin design is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!




November 14, 2022 — Jeremy Meaden


Rosalee Greenhill said:

Sin and Tonic! That’s a MUST HAVE!!! Woohooooo!!!!!

Christine gannon said:

Mostly Harmless : It is empowering and gives me the chance to begin to understand that my enemy might think they have the upper hand but they don’t know what I am thinking.Horray

Robyn said:

They are all brilliant and will serve all purposes, depending on the day.
My enemy’s tears is a wonderful statement piece for a don’t mess with me kind of day.
Mostly harmless will cover virtually everyday.
And sometimes bottled sunshine is required when existence is sucking the life out of situations.
Props to the design team. ♥

Christine Ann Plumridge said:

Couldnt we have Only regrets? or always regrets too ?

Zoe said:

SO getting the ‘tears of my enemies’ one: will put it on my backpack, nice and close to the water bottle a student once gifted me…it has “tears of former students” printed in VERY large text on it! 😂

Jodie said:

Bottled Sunshine — like we don’t ALL need some of that!! Bring it on 👍

Jodie said:

Bottled Sunshine — like we don’t ALL need some of that!! Bring it on 👍

Lydia said:

“Mostly Harmless”, Douglas Adams, love it and the large friendly letters :)

Tess Jirik said:

My favourite design is the mostly harmless one

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