So far October has been a horror show that has had nothing to do with Halloween. Elections, Budgets, ongoing lockdowns in Victoria and around the world and rising cases of coronavirus have left me, and most people I know, feeling pretty depressed.

This mini collection almost didn’t happen.

everyday is halloween artwork

I had delays with the designs and then delays with production and then delays with shipping. I didn’t think it could possibly all come together in time and that I would have to shelve Halloween (literally in the storeroom) until next year.

glittery bat cat enamel pin by jubly umph

But when the pins finally arrived last week, and I opened them and saw the glorious glittery winged kitty poking out, I knew I had to make this launch happen!

halloween is everyday mini collection

Because it immediately made me happy!

And I thought it might make other people happy too (and happiness has been in short supply this year).

So if you are spooky and a little bit (or a lot) kooky,

hey spooky ghost pin

If your eyes light up like a jack-o-lantern

jack-o-lantern hard enamel pin

Or if you think Every Day is Halloween… then these pins are for you.

everyday is halloween hard enamel pin with glitter by jubly-umph

They are launching at 12pm AEST on Thursday 15th of October. We will have them available individually and also as a set of all 4 pins! As this is a special release we only have limited numbers of these pins available.

everyday is halloween hard enamel mini pin collection

Which pin is your favourite? Let me know in the comments…

XO Tasha & the Jubly-Umph crew

October 12, 2020 — Jubly Umph


Helen said:

Definitely love love love the cat absolute perfection – love them all!!!

Suzi said:

Oooo come to my kitty 😺

Marion said:

It’s got to be the kitty, hands down.

Vicki Colville said:

Well my b’day is Halloween sooooo I’m thinking everyday is Halloween really!

Pat Lopez-Good said:

Love the bat cat, but they’re all fabulous! Might get the set❤️🤗

Dannyel said:

I adore the pumpkin it would be awesome if she had a top-hat wearing buddy my some and I would by a set

Susan Scott said:

Winged kitty defo!

Robyn said:

The cat!
Thanks for spreading such joy.
They are all absolutely divine

Helen Cuneo said:

Love the pussy cat!

Mel said:

Every day is Halloween is my favourite. Definitely be getting that one.

Hikari said:

I must have that kitty.

Jill M said:

Oh, the cat needs a home with me…

Jennifer Benson said:

Oh my! I love them. The cat is the best! Can’t wait to see if I can grab a set 🤩

Amanda said:

I love them all but the bat cat is my favourite xo

April said:

Love the kitttly and spooky 🥳

AnnMarie Hale said:

I like the bat cat the best. All of them are fabulous though.

Kate said:

The cat. I’ve owned 8 black cats in my lifetime – they’re my absolute favourite. My last beautiful boy, Fergus, left us after 19 years. This little sweetheart would be a great ‘memorial’ pin.

Tony Rogers said:

Glittery Winged Kitty is my fave 😃✨👍🎶🌈
That’s great news that all worked out for you.
Best wishes for your depression. I get depression often (complex reasons that’d take too long to explain …lol, but these days, it’s mainly due to my health-problems, plus I still miss my late partner of 25 years severely). Back in the mid-1980s (I’m that old …lol), someone recommended a wonderful book by an Australian called Dr Claire Weeks. She wrote a range of books from the 1960s about how to help get aleviation from anxiety and depression. She was even commissioned to do a radio-series for the BBC. She passed away in the early 1990s, but her books have been abridged, and that book is now called ‘Complete Self-Help For Your Nerves’, and as far as I know, it’s still available through the publishing arm of ‘Angus & Robinson’ (that part and their online shop survived).
The essence is to ‘float’ through experiences of anxiety and depression, and ‘floating’ through (or letting those feelings ‘wash-through’ you) works by not reacting to one’s depression and/or anxiety (ie: not trying to force out those feelings, nor getting depressed/anxious about being depressed/anxious). By ‘floating’ through those feelings (or otherwise letting them ‘wash-through’ you), that’s like passively ignoring those feelings, so in time they lessen, and you get stronger, and the memory of those feelings end up being just a memory.
Like all things, the process is not a miracle, but it certainly helps. And it seems too simple to be good, but its simplicity makes it easier to work with. And what’s good is that continuing with the ‘floating’ / ‘washing-through’ process makes it a habit, so over time, the mind will start that ‘floating’ / ‘washing-through’ process without you needing to consciously start doing it, and the confidence of knowing that it works from previous experience also helps to get through the ‘floating’ ‘washing-through’ process.
I hope that I didn’t put you to sleep with my explanation …lol, but as the process has always worked well for me, I like to share the detail. Have a search for he book on the net; and if you buy a copy of Dr Weekes’ book to read through, you get the feeling that she’s talking with you (rather than condescendingly to or at you).
Also, last year, I discovered that a call to ‘Lifeline’, if feeling necessary, can also help.
Best wishes and greetings from The Blue Mountains in NSW (and I look forward to buying that glamour kitty 😊).

Jodie said:

The kitty! i need the kitty!

Kirsty said:

That bat cat is glorious 🖤💜🖤

Deborah said:

The cat is purrrrrfectly spooky!

Maruschka Loupis said:

Love the collection. So glad your spirit always triumphs over the inevitable down times. The cheeky pumpkin is my fave!

Natalie said:

I LOVE the kitty!🐱❤

Dannii said:

I just set an alarm in my phone to wake me up after nightshift in the hope I can score a set!!!! 🎃 👻

Deb said:

The stresses we don’t see behind the scene. So glad it could go ahead. They are all spooktacular.

Lizzi said:

They’re all amazing, but the cat is utter perfection and Everything day is Halloween’ speaks to my soul’

Jessica Jordan said:

The cat!!!! It’s amazing and I’ll definitely be purchasing it!!

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