There’s something pretty amazing about making something: The ability to turn paper, string, or fabric into something pretty, or useful, or both.

I’ve been making stuff for as long as I can remember. From squishing shapes out of playdough (and let’s be honest, eating it too), to learning to sew on my mum’s machine, to painting, and finally to starting my own business. Being crafty is something that I love, and I know that when I meet someone who makes stuff, I’m meeting my type of person.



However, these craft skills can sometimes be overlooked, and some people think they’re leftover from a past era, like dial-up internet, or landlines. But those people have never known the feeling of crocheting a blanket from scratch, or making a dress that fits you perfectly. Those people don’t realise that some people would rather DIY or die!




The thing is, when you make stuff with your hands, you also collect a lot of tools. Tools that help you knit, or make a pretty chair, or dig in the garden. But what most people don’t realise is that those tools are damn useful for lots of other things...(there’s a reason they don’t let you knit on planes). So when the zombie apocalypse happens, no one is going to be looking for people who know how to create spreadsheets or write contracts! No, they’re going to be looking for the gardeners. Or the knitters or the glassblowers. Cause when you know how to use tools, you’re ready for anything…. Literally. 


But the best thing about being creative is that there are no mistakes in art. You can create or make anything: The more you create, the more new ideas you’ll have. The better your skills become, the more original your ideas will get. And, because making shit is a superpower, you'll also unlock your own inner creative genius.



This collection is a celebration of all the wonderful ways we create and make. How those are skills that help you switch off from everyday stresses, and escape into your own happy place while making something beautiful and special. 


My new collection will launch at 12 pm on Thursday 27th May (AEST). 

Which design is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay safe, and look after yourselves and each other.

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

May 24, 2021 — Jubly Umph


Debra Barlow said:

My crafty friend gave me one of your pins and now I have just ordered a heap for my friends. There is one for everyone! Excuse my ignorance, but was does A.F stand for?? Thanks and so looking forward to receiving my order! :)

Danielle said:

Literally searched all pins to find that these aren’t out till tmro 😭, I wear most of my pins everyday on my lanyard, even took up teaching manual arts to learn how to fix my house better 😂 ready for anything is my jam!!

Jennifer Reilly said:

Loving the Creative Fucking Genius!!!!! And the There Are No Mistakes In Art, and let’s face it, all of them!!!

mars said:

there are no mistakes in art…LOVE!! i’ll have to get this one and wear so my kids see it! i hope you ordered a lot of these ones….

Nicola-Jane said:

I love them all, WIP, Ready for anything and No mistakes are my favourites. I’m going to make a hanger for my pins, and earings, si I can display them even when I’m not wearing them. They are all so cool. Thank you for being you and encouraging people to be love being themselves too. Big hugs and kisses from the UK. Xxxx

Ali said:

Crafts and Wine…….my two favourite things! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new range

Anne Sairs said:

I want them all!

Helen said:

OMG!! Yassss! I love them. I MUST have WIP, Creative Genius, Crafty AF and No Mistakes. Setting my alarm now. Lol.

Audrey said:

“There are no mistakes in art”
Love this one.

Leonie Ann said:

D.I.Y or die.
Crafty A.F
Don’t be a Prick
There are no mistakes in Art.
Ready for Anything.
Only because I don’t drink.
, Another Awesome Collection Tash.
I need to catchup 💜🌷🔮🌈💃🏼

Judi said:

Great collection Tash! My personal favorite is “There are no mistakes in art”.

Jane said:

Love the DYI or Die! Then I saw There are no mistakes in Art and I know that would be a great one to wear at work (I work in a secondary school). Craft & wine are two of my favourite things…Crafty AF just says it all. I might even sneak that one onto my lanyard…Brilliant work Tasha, your badges always make me smile.

erica counahan said:

It looks like I am going to need a bigger blazer!

Jodie said:

Craft and wine! 😍

Lili said:

As someone who uses craft (aaaaallllll the crafts) daily as a way to manage m natal illness, I can’t wait for this drop.😍
Incidentally, I have turned most of my Jubly-Umph pins into needle minders (for my own personal use, I might add.).

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