Were you ever made to feel like a weirdo for the things you are passionate about? For me that was my endless reading and my huge collection of books. Back in school I was the most awkward teenager and had trouble socialising with others. The library was always my safe space to escape. I would go to my special spot in the library whenever I could, when I needed to get away from those people who didn’t understand me, and who always thought that I was weird. Some of my favourite stories had fictional creatures who let me into their worlds without judgement.

tasha with her sketches for the bookish beasts collection

It makes me so happy today that I can now embrace these things about myself.

My Bookish Beasts collection is all about finding your happy place that brings you joy. When you need to introvert, when you need to go back to your book cave…

work in progress drawing

When I sat down and started drawing these little beasts, I really wanted something that represented book lovers like me. People whose safe space is escaping into a story or hanging out in a library. People who are proud to have bookish collections and proud to read.

Let me introduce you to the Bookish beasts!

The Booktopus likes to hang out in its cave, drinking cups of tea, eating bickies and reading 5 books at once. It embraces the theory that ‘more is more’.

its not hoarding if its books enamel pin


The Bookshop Snail travels a bit slower than other snails in the garden because it is always weighed down by the heavy tomes it carries on its back. If you look closely you can see a tiny snail bookshop cat.

 the bookshop snail enamel pin on a hat

The green tree frog likes to cling to spines and pages as it reads. Even though its 'To be read' pile keeps gets larger it always knows- There's no such thing as too many books!

 3 of our new bookish beasts enamel pins

There are 8 designs in this collection. I have been working on these illustrations for a few years and (they will eventually be included in an illustrated book). Some of the designs you have seen versions of before, and some are brand new.

I hope you love them all as much as I loved drawing them!

bookish beasts enamel pin collection

These cute creatures go on live this Thursday, April 27 at 12pm Melbourne time so keep your eyes peeled!

We will have a full set of 8 pins available. The first 100 Bookish Beasts pin sets sold get a FREE Bookish Snail Collectors Patch! You gotta be quick!

Which designs are your favorites? Tell me in the comments!




April 24, 2023 — Jubly Umph


RhonT said:

The talent you have is superb, amazing
So filled with joy to see what you create
They are all colourful, inspiring, cute as and will be a delight to add to my collection
Keep doing what you love and sharing these beautiful pins and patches with all of us
I also feel happy to feel, touch, wear and look at these designer gems with great happiness 🥰
You go girl ✨😊

Nic said:

Cannot wait to get these Booktopus print is on framed on the wall in my study

Al said:

Books and cats all the way. Right along with the purrfect script. :-) nothing makes my heart swell like sitting in my bed of an afternoon with a cup of tea and a good book, encapsulated by the chorus of purring coming from my 4 cats. More books and cats!

Katrina said:

My favorite is the Hermit Crab, but the Octopus is a very close second, with the Frog and the Snail in pursuit!

Susan G. Wright said:

I want them all! You have amazing talent and humor!

Oky Verlo said:

While I do adore the Booktopus (and bought the tote of some time ago) for me it is definitely the Owl that has ensured I’m buying the set XD

Katie said:

I’m a Teacher Librarian and all of these designs will help me share my passion for books with my mini readers 🥰

Sandra said:

They all look fantastic! Very hard to choose which one would be my favourite; maybe I will have to get all of them. Well done on your creations. I can’t wait for their release.
All the Best to you.
Sandra xx

Caitlin O'Connor said:

I adore the octopus, the original juggling octopus has been one of my treasures! I want all of these new ones, I can’t pick a favourite.

Carol Hines said:

These look amazing!!

Kirstie said:

I simply ADORE the Octopus!

Robyn said:

These pins are so me!!!!
I’m a 63 year old grandmother who is mad about her books and cats.
My motto is SHE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST BOOKS WINS. And this should be a pin, sticker, iron-on and window sticker (stuff my family; books and cats for the win).

Lydia said:

I’ve always loved owls but Booktapus? I feel it in my soul! So many books on the go and a few extra hands would be helpful :)

Lauren said:

Is loving them all an acceptable answer?

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