Have you ever been laughed at for being a book nerd, or annoyed by people who couldn’t understand your desire to read?

Me too!

When I was growing up it wasn’t cool to read books. It wasn’t cool to hang out at the library or bookshop. Or hide away in your room reading all day.

Books have always been my sanctuary. My escape.

harry potter inspired art print

I solemnly swear I am up to no good...

Because I was that socially anxious girl. That weirdo. The one who was awkward to talk to and often depressed.  I sought refuge regularly at the school library during lunch times or my local library or bookshop on the weekend. It was a haven. A place where you could read and explore and hide away from the world (introverting much). And most of my peers didn’t understand.


But things have changed.

Reading is cool. Books are cool. What once was a dying trade has made a massive come back. Is it really any surprise. Who doesn’t love the smell of a crisp freshly opened book…(can't get that with a kindle)!

 tasha being a total booknerd

Me being a pin wearing, book skirt twirling, book nerd... 

It is ok to say ‘I am proud of my passions’ and ‘I read therefore I am’.

We can declare our love for reading and not get bullied or belittled for it, but congratulated. Book-nerd is no longer a dirty word!

nerdy book enamel pins by jubly-umph

My new book pins- see them here

 Much of my artwork revolves around reading and books. I even wrote a super nerdy book about authors and books (see it here). My aim with my artwork,  is to give everyone a way to express their passions, their hobbies and obsessions.

And this is why I make little pins, tshirts, jewellery and art for book nerds and reading addicts, book monsters and booktopuses, book cats and book ladies.

its not hoarding i its books booktopus tote bag

It's not hoarding if its books- truth?

Because its ok to be that weirdo, that introvert, the reader. Its ok to be different and to open your mind beyond the things in your immediate reality by reading a book

. book monster enamel lapel pin

 Book monster enamel lapel pin- for those who gobble books...

ps. My normal blog editor is currently on holidays so if there are spelling and grammatical errors please address them to Jeremy and he will fix them up when he gets back....

November 07, 2018 — Bold Commerce Collaborator

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