Have you ever noticed how some of the best things in life are black? At Jubly - Umph, we seriously love black. Like a lot.

Black coffee? LOVE.

Black cats? LOVE.

Dark chocolate? Sure, you could argue that it's actually dark brown, but it’s delicious and we love it.

black cats and books

I have a whole wardrobe full of black clothes: They’re flattering and they can hide spilled coffee. Also, they're slightly intimidating ( which is perfect for avoiding chit chat and awkward social interactions).

true crime and ghost stories books and raven

It’s the colour associated with misfits and weirdos AKA my type of people, like Wednesday Adams, Edward Scissorhands and Maleficent. So, you can imagine my surprise/ horror when I realised that hardly any of my pins are, in fact, black.

Solution? Create an entire collection dedicated to my favourite non-colour.

embrace the darkness. enamel lapel pins by jubly-umph

It’s the ultimate collection for when you feel like giving into the darkness because some days it’s the only option. Maybe that means locking yourself away all day to read true crime stories, or letting people know you’ve got no fucks left. Join the dark side Jubly-umph style.

no fucks left lapel pins by jubly-umph

My new pins launch on Monday 25 at 12:00pm! We only have limited numbers of each pin design available for the launch so you will need to get them quick.

Which new pin is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below :)

November 22, 2019 — Jubly Umph


Mary.s222 said:

I will Embrace the Darkness as I have No Fucks Left. My Mum would love Death before Decaf.

Sanch @ Sanch Writes said:

Love the Cat and Books one as well as the Death before Decaf! :D

Laurie-Anne said:

“Death before Decaf”!! So true, I mean why bother drinking coffee if your not actually “drinking the coffee”, right?

Andrea Morris said:

My favourite is No *ucks Left – as seriously – I am depleted of them.

Natilie Ryan said:

I love them all, but “No fucks left” and “Cats and Books” would have to be my favourites

Harpa Hoskuldsdottir said:

Without a question, the Embrace The Darkness has my heart 😻

Lynne said:

I love them all, but “cats & books” is perfect!

Melanie said:

I can’t wait to add these to my .jubly-umph collection! I own nearly all of your designs xo

Leonie Ann said:

No Fucks left, Love the colours and the design it’s perfect to wear when you indeed have no fucks left to give, and would rather just let your pin do the talking. 😎

Michelle said:

Received my order today – love them all! Can’t wait for your next collection!

Linda LeCren said:

I LOVE the No Fucks Left….
It so feels it would be perfect to wear in my club. I’m the only female in a 17 membership

Lorraine Sedger said:

Hard to say as they are all awesome, but it would have to be No Fucks Left. At 62 ….I have finally learned not to let things get to me especially the little things. 😘

Brenda Oliver said:

Oh I REALLY NEED “No Fucks Left”

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