That time I procrastinated for a whole year…

The best thing about #teamjubly is that it's full of cool people who have great ideas. Not a week goes by without people sending me through suggestions and ideas which I love.

It makes me so proud that we've created this community with people who are so involved and who want to share their ideas with me. The only downside is that it's impossible for little ol' me to do all the things.

But there was one message I kept getting, and for once, it was something I knew I could do - earrings! 

So I started planning the designs and created some sample pairs.

Then I procrastinated…. For about 10 months.

Let me tell you, procrastinating that long and hard takes a lot of effort.

feminist hard enamel earrings

Which designs? What colours? How big?

So many options.

I wanted the earrings to be fun.

I wanted them to be bold.

I wanted them to help people be unapologetically themselves.

book nerd enamel earrings

If I could have had them play a theme song, I would have, but that just seemed impractical. (Also, any suggestions for a Jubly theme song?)

new jubly-umph dangle earrings

So here it is, the new collection of danglies (that you kept asking for). I hope they give you a reason to smile as you get dressed. I hope they help prepare you for whatever the day throws at you, and most of all, I hope they let you keep flying your weirdo flag high - so that all of us other weirdos can find you easily and cheer you on! 

stay weird glitter hard enamel earrings

My new earring and patch collection will launch at 12pm on Thursday 3rd September (AEST).

What design is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below :

Stay safe and look after yourselves and each other.

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

August 31, 2020 — Anna Czermak


Mardi said:

I love the ‘stay weird’ and ‘fuck off’ earrings the best but wish they were in silver:) as I don’t wear gold

Terese said:

Love❤️ love❤️ love❤️!!! It would be great if we could buy them individually. I love to wear off matching earrings 😁

I w

Kim Reeves said:

I would love the Stay Weird in black and silver, like the brooch. 💋

Lee said:

OMG the blue Stay Weird and the Pink F*ck off are awesome, I so need them in my life! ❤️💚💜

Shannon said:

Fantastic work! They look awesome :-)

Margaret Hearn said:

Love them all, can’t chose just one.

Emma said:

Would love to see Stay Weird in silver with black instead of blue 🖤

Grace said:

I am a ‘Book Nerd’. I need to ‘Stay Weird’ and ‘Bravery’ for when we get out of lockdown.

Christine Regan said:

Please make some CLIP (not just peirced) earrings too! especially positivitea & book addict & didn’t stab anybody today etc! My faves.

Nat said:

Stay weird & fuck off 💯
Are they only available in gold tone?

Leeann said:

I need the FUCK OFF earrings to match my pin.

Sarah Brandes said:

Sass is my #1, followed closely by Book Nerd and Bravery!
Earrings are a major self-expression for me anyway; now I can be effortlessly explicit! Thanks!

Suzanne Alison Wolfenden said:

I need to wear the Fuck Off ones to work :)

Thirza Walters said:

Definitely Stay Weird

Karen said:

Positivi-tea! I have the badge now I need the earrings 😄 Love the colour too

Jessica said:

I like the little Sass ones. I would love the tea cup skull (Death Before Decaf) that you make as earrings just with no lettering.

Skye said:

Oh I’ll be needing the Fuck Off earrings for sure

Kersten Fitzgerald said:

Love love love Stay Weird and Positivi Tea!

Phoebe said:

Well choices choices I think book nerd is my first pick but that will probably change many times. Am rapt that there are earrings now 🥰

Rosanne Wolfendale said:

Love book nerd and positivity

Sabine Downes said:

Stay Weird, because hey let’s encourage each other! Bravery for those days where I need a little extra, plot twist for when I’m feeling contrary and let’s face it sometimes it’s a fuck off day…Yes I love them!

Tracey said:

I need these in my life !!

Shelley said:

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Just when I needed new earrings. :)
Favourite? Hard to decide between Stay Weird and Sass.

Donna Davis said:

Book Nerd

Lizzi said:

Fuck off is the best. I love the stay weird ones, but I was lucky enough to trial those ;)
I love them all.

Kristen said:

Oh my God! I’m so excited!!!!

Katherine Duel said:


Sarah Doyle said:

I need all of these! hahaha

Charmaine said:

Stay weird !!!

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