It’s like no other book that you’ve ever read…mostly because it’s too weird for anybody else but Jubly-Umph to have come up with it.

It’s a collection of anthropomorphized authors like no other…mostly because no one else would bother to put so much time and effort into such a niche subject.

It’s strictly for the nerdiest of the book nerds and the punniest of the punsters.

It’s bold.

It’s ridiculous.

It's Jubly-Umph’s new book  ‘A Literary Bestiary,’ and we’re officially launching it out into the world at 7pm next Thursday night the 27th of April, at The Goodness Bureau in Northcote, Melbourne, Victoria. (click here to rsvp)

A literary bestiary limited edition brooches

A Literary Bestiary is a collection of 13 famous authors, playwrights and poets reinvented as animals with pun-tastic names, featuring Edgar Allan Crow, Louisa May Owlcott, Jane Austhen and friends.

The book provides a summary of each of the famous animal authors lives. It details from their early life in the barnyard, nest or pod all the way through to their death of alcoholism, liver failure or brain tumour and includes a comprehensive abbreviated list of their notable works, all delivered in a blunt and humorous way.

JM Barrie brooch and earrings. The creator of peter pan recreated as a blue jay

We’re also launching a new and very limited range of brooches and stud earrings that feature a selection of the authors from the book, including Jane Austhen, Jay.M.Barrie and Agatha Twisty. They will be available to order online on Thursday the 27th of April, or you can pick them up at the launch.

You're invited!! Next Thursday I will be breaking open the wine and vegan dips n chips to officially launch my book; A Literary Bestiary! I would love to meet you there!

Click HERE to RSVP for the launch!


April 20, 2017 — Jubly Umph

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