Retro telephones, sailing ships and books are often staple items in the vintage lovers closet/living room. My house is filled with radiograms, limited edition books and vintage dresses and my latest collection combines my love of these things with cute slogans and tattoo style imagery.

A couple of days ago I wrote about my inspiration for my latest collection 'That Old Time Feeling' HERE.  and I wanted to share with you, fellow vintage lovers, 5 of my favourite pieces that will mesh perfectly with your vintage inspired lifestyle.

1. 'Talk Is Cheap' Phone Necklace

This cute necklace is made from stainless steel and resin and is the perfect way to wear your sentiments round your neck. Available HERE

retro black telephone necklace

2. Wanderlust Globe Wood Print

This cute vintage globe has been drawn in a tattoo style and professionally printed onto paper thin birch wood. The design was inspired by my love of travel and old light up globes (I still want one for my bedroom)... you will also notice that Australia takes pride of place on the front of the globe ;) Get it HERE

Wanderlust globe wood print


3. 'Readers Gotta Read' Book Earrings

Anyone who has followed my work will know that I am an obsessive reader and collector of books. I love the old book smell and cant stop myself from stealing a sniff in second hand book stores. These earring express my true love. You can get them HERE

Readers gotta read book studs


4. Sailing Ship Handbag

Not officially part of my new collection but it is great for vintage lovers none-the-less. This bag is made from modern vegan materials and features my original ship illustration. It will have you dreaming of sailing the open seas in no time. Get it HERE

Sailing ship vegan handbag


5. Felix The Dapper Fox Novelty Brooch

Just like vintage novelty brooches this dapper Mr Fox sits perfectly on your lapel or cardigan. He has a monocle and a bowler had and is ready for adventure. Get him HERE

Felix the dapper fox brooch pin



March 13, 2016 — Jubly Umph

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