5 indie designers that love books as much as you! featuring book brooches, Harry potter shirts, Specialty Candles and more!- On the Jubly-Umph blog

These indie designers have gone out of their way to create interesting and unusual objects inspired by a love of books. From Sherlock scented candles to recycled brick bookends....

1. Sherlock's Study Soy Candle by Frostbeard Studio

This candle scent is inspired by pipe tobacco, cherrywood and fresh rain or so the Frostbeard Studio website says. Their range of literary inspired candles are completely unique and meant to inspire you to 'Curl up with a book while burning this candle and imagine yourself in rainy London with the great sleuth.' Get it HERE

literary inspired candle- sherlocks study

2. Jubly-Umph 'Readers Gotta Read' book brooch

Perfect for book lovers, literature buffs and librarians this brooch will up your nerdy pin game and allow you to wear a sentiments on your sleeve..or shirt! Get it HERE

'Readers Gotta Read' book pin brooch by Jubly-Umph. Perfect for literature buffs and book lovers

3. When In Doubt Go To The Library Shirt by Raegun

This Hermione Granger quote is perfect on this shirt from etsy seller Raegun. Cause everyone knows that the library can solve all your problems. Get this handmade shirt HERE

'When in doubt go to the library' Hermione Granger book quote tshirt


4. The Great Gatsby Brick Bookends by Light Reading

Light reading create bookends out of painted recycled bricks and they are awesome. Originally based in Melbourne, Australia they have since located to London but still stock stores in both places. Get them HERE

 light reading brick bookends

5. Klever Case Kindle Cover

Klever case allows you to not only purchase a cool book style kindle cover but also custom choose the words and author on the front of it and add a message or quote inside! I am pretty impressed. Get it HERE

 Klever Case kindle cover


March 01, 2016 — Jubly Umph

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