Mermaid sisters before misters. Cause girls need to stick together
10 years ago, when I was in university in a little town in Gippsland, I became involved with a movement that has always been close to my heart; feminism.
I happily say that I am a feminist because I believe in the promotion of women to the equal status of men.
We dreamed big in those days. We imagined that we could change the world. We held marches through the campus to 'Reclaim the Night', celebrated International Women's Day and organised self defence classes.
I got voted in as Womens Director with the slogan 'Vote for Tasha, or she'll bash ya'....
The scientist illustration by Jubly-Umph
Ever since I started working as Jubly-Umph I have wanted to promote women and feminism in a subtle way through my lady head illustrations such as The Scientist and The Librarian and my recent meme series.
if you cant be cute, be dark and mysterious meme by Jubly-Umph
This year I am excited to work on some more direct feminist and body positive pieces such as this new little image...Mermaid Sisters Before Misters!!
Stay tuned for more art coming very soon
xo Tasha xo (AKA Jubly-Umph)
February 16, 2016 — Jubly Umph

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