Late last year I was invited to participate in the Made In Melbourne exhibition at Auguste Clown Gallery.

My Piece is called Lady Teuthida, the squid lady. Here are some progress shots from the painting.

Initial sketch of my new painting The Lady Teuthida. It is inspired by the sea, dark eyed ladies, tattoos and squid

Initial sketch in pencils.

Black, white and brown line drawing of my new painting. Inspired by all things nautical, the sea and old school tattoos

The line drawing with all elements. Ready to paint!

Starting to shade...I always start with black and then layer up the lighter colours

The first layer of black. I always start with the dark colours and layer towards the light...

Lady Teuthida...The Squid Lady. This painting is inspired by a love of the sea, grumpy gals and tattoos

The finished piece ready for framing

I created The Lady Teuthida with pen and ink on Archers watercolour paper. I use copic pens for the line work and three types of ink for the colour(Liquitex, Art Spectrum and FW inks).

The Made in Melbourne Exhibition is on view at Auguste Clown Gallery from the 19th February - 6th March 2016. It features over 30 local artists working in a variety of mediums. 

Opening night is Friday19th of Feb. I hope to see you there :)

February 16, 2016 — Jubly Umph

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