I recently did two new paintings for Artboy gallery's 'Ladies Night' exhibition. The theme was strictly 'draw no dudes' and featured all the women of pop culture...

For some reason I always go for the more obscure ideas and so my first piece was Florence Nightingale, who was a pioneer of modern nursing and has been featured and referenced in many books and films. Here is a few shots of the progress and final piece...




As the first piece was a bit left field I wanted to do something more 'pop culture' for the second piece. I chose Morticia from the Addams Family because Chas Addams is one of my favourite illustrators and I am enamoured with his work.

This is my version of Morticia Addams. The piece is titled 'Milk, Sugar...Cyanide'



The exhibition opens tonight at Artboy Gallery, 99 Greville St, Prahran, Vic


May 24, 2013 — Jubly Umph

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