The Addams family was created by cartoonist Chas Addams when he was working for The New Yorker magazine. He created 150 Addams family cartoons between 1938 and his death in 1988, half of which were published in the New Yorker. The characters were so successful that they have led to numerous tv shows, movies and a Broadway musical.

The characters, particularly the female characters have a style that is instantly recognisable and an attitude that is bad ass!

Here are my 5 Addams Family inspired products to make you creepy and kooky everyday!

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1. A Morticia chair

What: Made famous in the comics first and then imortalised in the tv show these cane chairs, also known as a peacock chair, look spectacular and will make you feel bad-ass while you entertain friends or watch tv.

Find it: You can find these cane chairs new but they tend to be a bit pricey. The best ones can be found at op shops or on ebay. To use, just get a long flowing dress, a disembodied hand and sit in your living room looking majestic AF....

a morticia peacock chair is what you need in your life


2. Bleeding and brainy doll head candle

What: Handmade candles with a lovely scent in the shape of a dolls head. Creepy right? well it gets better because once you light it this candle looks like it is bleeding.

Find it: You Me & Bones is a Melbourne based candle maker. They only release in batches so its best to sign up to their newsletter to grab one wen they go live.

 bleeding head baby brain candle

bleeding head candle

3. Milk Sugar Cyanide Morticia Tee

What: What does the hostess with the most-est offer when entertaining? Milk, sugar or cyanide of course!!!! 🕷🍵💀

Find it: My own Jubly-Umph artwork so I think its kinda special. You can grab this as tshirt, art print or tote bag (or all 3).

 milk sugar cyanide morticia tshirt

morticia addams print

4. Addams Family Barbie set

What: The only barbie doll I have ever actually wanted to buy. Morticia and Gomez are fantastic as barbie dolls.

Find it: the link to the barbie website is here but they dont seem to have any. I would try Amazon or ebay for this set.

addams family barbie dolls

5. A Wednesday Addams dress you can wear everywhere

What: This dress from modcloth is like an adult Wednesday Addams dress. It has a lower neckline and is super comfy to wear everyday. I have this dress and I wear it a lot! 

Find it: on the Modcloth website. I think it comes in other colours but why bother...

wednesday addams dress

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March 06, 2018 — Jubly Umph


Angela said:

Great post. Now off to buy the Morticia tee. stay weird

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