I Love My Shop! An interview with Connie & Kyla at Portal 108 in Hepburn Springs, Vic

I Love My Shop! An interview with Connie & Kyla at Portal 108 in Hepburn Springs, Vic

Portal 108 is a beautiful gift and clothing store located in the picturesque village of Hepburn Springs, just outside Daylesford, Victoria. Connie and Kyla stock their store with gorgeous clothing, art and accessories from around the world and have been stocking Jubly-Umph since 2012!

Portal 108 is a cute clothing and homewares store in Hepburn Springs Vic that stocks Jubly-Umph pendants, cardigan clips and art
1. Tell us a little bit about who you are and where we can find your store?

Our store is owned & operated by partners Connie & Kyla and can be found in beautiful Hepburn Springs, Victoria.  We have been running a retail shop and online business for 11 years, after relocating from Sydney in search of a tree change and a simpler, more community oriented way of life.  The name comes from the fact that the shop is located in the front part of our 100 year old aussie federation style home, which is number 108.  From the front, we just look like a little old house, but once you walk through the doors, you stumble upon something completely unexpected.  A gateway to another place, if you will.
Connie & Kyla from Portal 108 in Hepburn Springs, victoria
2. Does your store have a theme or focus?

Our shared philosophy is to only stock things we both love and feel a connection to.  We don’t have a style aesthetic as such but our little store boasts an ever changing selection of goodies that make our hearts happy and our jaws drop with excitement when we find them. Our carefully chosen selections are an honest reflection of who we are and we feel privileged to stand amongst them everyday and love nothing more than showcasing them to our customers.
The front room of Portal 108 that stocks Jubly-Umph artwork, pendants, cardigan clips and colouring books

3. What kind of products and brands do you stock?

Portal 108 is a lifestyle store.  For everyone. Portal 108 proudly supports local and independent artists and showcases some of Australia's best known brands of jewellery, women's clothing, footwear, handbags, homewares and accessories.  Our brands include Rollie Shoes, Nancybird Bags & Accessories, Jubly Umph, Najo and Palas jewellery, You, Me & Bones and General Eclectic homewares, fashion labels Elm Lifestyle, Brave + True and Eb & Ive and many more.  
Portal 108s large selection of Jubly-Umph handbags, wallets and jewellery

4. What things are inspiring you lately?

The change in seasons has been a major inspiration lately.  We live and work in spa country, Victoria, and Autumn here is  simply stunning visually and completely re-energising.  From the changing colours of the trees to foraging for pine mushrooms in the forest nearby or hanging out in the shop by our crackling open fire.   The region is famed for its naturally occurring mineral springs and amazing local produce and just living and working here allows you to soak up that goodness every day.  And that can’t help but be inspiring.

5. How long have you been in Business.

11 years

You can find Portal 108 at 108 Main Road, Hepburn Springs
or online at www.portal108.com.au   

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