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About Us

 "She rides at night with her sword at her side. Her horse is known as darkness, and it is on darkness she rides..."

Jubly-Umph is a Melbourne artist who paints pictures in watercolours and indian ink creating characters with mysterious eyes and curious occupations. 

Her lovely lady heads are instantly recognisable and owning one is like being in a secret club. She is influenced by traditional tattoos, folk art and Victorian sentimental ephemera.  



In 2009 Madame Jubly and her chief evil minion decided to take their artwork to the masses in the form of shiny jewellery, handbags, accessories and limited edition art prints. They acquired an evil lair in the hills outside Melbourne, Australia and set about trying to take over the world.

Since then Jubly-Umph jewellery and artwork has become accessible and collectable and has been featured in numerous publications such as Frankie, Shop til you drop, Inked Au, Solitude, Post Modern Ink, Vintage Caravan Mag and on the hit tv show Winners & Losers.