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Fox Studs - Jubly-Umph -  Stud Earrings, - 1
$14.95 AUD Fox Studs
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Green Sugar Skull Wallet - Jubly-Umph -  Wallet, - 1
$29.99 AUD Green Sugar Skull Wallet
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Tropical Pineapple Stud Earrings - Jubly-Umph Originals
 - 1
$14.95 AUD Tropical Pineapple Stud Earrings
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Frida Skull Wallet - Jubly-Umph -  Wallet, - 1
$29.99 AUD Frida Skull Wallet
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Tape Measure Bow Pendant - Jubly-Umph -  Necklace, - 1
$29.95 AUD Tape Measure Bow Pendant
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"Sew Lovely" Sewing Machine Pendant - Jubly-Umph Originals
 - 1
$29.95 AUD "Sew Lovely" Sewing Machine Pendant
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Lila The Haunted House Lady Handbag
$79.95 AUD - Sold Out Lila The Haunted House Lady Handbag
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Horseshoe Ship Handbag
$79.95 AUD Horseshoe Ship Handbag
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Sewing Addiction- A Cute Outfit Post About Halter Tops, Sewing Machines and Measuring Tape
February 05, 2016

A cute outfit post featuring a sewing machine halter top by Flippsville, Measuring Tape Bow brooch by Jubly-Umph and pencil flats shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.

Tattoo Tuesday- Four Tattoos Based On The Artwork Of Jubly-Umph
February 02, 2016

It is always such an honour when people get tattoos done of my artwork. A lot of my art style is inspired by traditional tattoos and the images seem to come alive in that form.

The Ultimate Baking Outfit! Mixers, Ice Cream Heels & More
January 22, 2016

the ultimate baking outfit feat Mixer rockabilly dress, beater necklace, cupcake cardigan clips and ice cream heels

A dream outfit for wearing whilst baking, or whilst eating cake, featuring a Mixer dress, mix master necklace, ice cream heels and cupcake cardigan clips.

Celebrating 7 Years Of Art And Living The Dream
January 21, 2016

A message popped up on my calendar today telling me it was the 7 year anniversary of starting my art journey and 4 years since Paul and I decided to pursue the Jubly-Umph dream full time!