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His and Hers Cushions...

Posted on April 09, 2014 by Jubly Umph | 0 Comments

His and Hers cushions on the bed...
Our new 100% cotton cushion covers are finally here. They are a large 50cm x 50cm/20" x 20" and feature an invisible zip and wonderful bright illustrations.
They look just lovely on your couch. chair or bed and will brighten up any room I have made these cushion covers in short runs so make sure you get in quickly so you dont miss out....
We currently have 3 designs, Memento Mori, The Mexican Skull and The All Seeing Owl...

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Alphonse The Gentleman Barber

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Jubly Umph | 0 Comments

Introducing Alphonse The Gentleman Barber, the new painting and jewellery by Jubly-Umph
I have had a thing for curly twirly moustaches for a while now and some of my very good friends have marvellous examples of this kind on facial hair so it seemed right that Alphonse should have a spiffy moustache and well groomed hair...he is a barber after all.
Alphonse is covered in tattoos of anchors and swallows and a ship at sea. This is because in a former life he was a sailor with a big bushy beard. But now he prefers the quiet and steady  work. Alphonse will shortly be available as an art print and is currently available as a stainless steel pendant...


Tattoo Tuesday- Traditional Tattoos

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Jubly Umph | 0 Comments

We are bringing back our popular Tattoo Tuesday blog posts! Hurrah! I plan to do a new post on a tattoo theme in the last Tuesday of the month and you will have a chance to share your tattoo with everyone.


This weeks theme is Traditional Tattoos. I love traditional tattoos and a  lot of my work is based on that style....


These wonderful tattoos photos were sent in by some of our lovely fans...

Marisa's Mermaid by Sydney artist Mark Lonsdale


Sheree's Bluebirds by

Shannon S from 'Wild at Heart' , Brisbane


Gaby's Lighthouse tattoo by

Kat Scarlet, Melbourne


Here are a few of my favourites done by well known artists...

Hawaii flash by Sailor Jerry

Traditional style rose by Mark Cross


Globe tattoo by Ben Rorke

Painting-A-Day Day4 Bears

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Jubly Umph | 0 Comments

One of my lovely fans has been hounding me to do a bear illustration so I figured I just had to make it one of the painting a day themes.
After a fair bit of sketching I can to the conclusion that I am not very good at drawing bears and expanded it to include a deer and a rabbit. Here are some pics from first sketch to finished piece and a short video of the process...

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Painting A Day #2 Vintage Caravan/Camping

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Jubly Umph | 0 Comments

Todays Painting-A-Day theme is one which I have been a little obsessed with lately...Vintage caravans and camping. I have been drooling over them and dreaming of my own little vintage camper for a while now...
My speed painting video of the black inks going down...

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Painting A Day Challenge- Flamingos

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Jubly Umph | 0 Comments

Sometimes I start artworks get halfway through and then abandon them for months on end. In fact, that is what tends to happen most of the time. To stop myself doing this I occasionally set myself painting-a-day challenges where I have to start and finish a painting in a single day and I get the awesome folks on our facebook page to come up with the daily themes.
I have also tried to go the added step of filming the process, in part of full, so that you can see how it is done. To days topic is Flamingos!

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It's Vegas Baby!

Posted on March 19, 2014 by Jubly Umph | 0 Comments

We recently went to the USA to attend Pool Trade Show and launch our new handbags and jewellery collection to North America. Pool is held twice a year in Las Vegas and it gave us the perfect opportunity to get some sightseeing in as well as work our butts off... Here are some pics of our recent trip.


My favourite stop in Vegas was a visit to the Neon Graveyard which houses a collection of old Neon signs from demolished, famous and forgotten casinos and businesses. They do a great tour and give you a bit of history about Vegas, the casinos and signs which is often forgotten about and ignored.




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