Cause we love you we have created a few fun printables for you for free!  

Download, print and cut out these masks, calendars, book plates and more...


You may need:

- A printer - Scissors - Glue- Coloured Pencils - 

Directions: Click on the picture to open the image. Print using the print preview button in the FILE section or by clicking on the print icon.

Printable Meowy Christmas Cat Card

Print and cut out this cute Meowy Christmas Cat card. Card stock or thick paper works best.

Click HERE to download


Sugar Skull Halloween Bunting

Print out and colour in these spooky Sugar Skull and Day Of The Dead Lady illustrations to create a fun bunting string.

Click HERE to download the printable sheet



Babushka Bunting

Print out and colour in these cute pug and kitty babushkas to create a fun bunting string. See the full blog post with instructions HERE


Mothers Day DIY Card

Print out and colour in the black and white card or just print out our full colour card fold it in half, write a super sweet message and give it to your Mum on her special day!

PS: This will work best if it is printed on thicker paper.

Click HERE for the black and white version

Click HERE for the full colour version




Christmas Cards

Perfect for sending to friends and family or packaging your Jubly-Umph Gift Cards in...

Just download, cut out and add you message! What fun!


Click here to download




Christmas Labels

Print out the label sheet, cut down to size, add coloured ribbon or string and attach to gifts.

Click HERE for the downloadable sheet




Day Of The Dead Book Plates

Print out and glue in all your books

More details and pics are in our blog post HERE




OWL MASK- Print out and make Day Of The Dead Mask



Please note: these printable pages are available for personal use only and can not be reproduced, sold etc in any way.