4 Things we love about Fiji- Island Hopping, Sea Caves and Bula!

4 Things we love about Fiji- Island Hopping, Sea Caves and Bula!

In between the post Xmas/holiday madness and preparing for the launch of our new collection we snuck away for 10 days to the pacific islands of Fiji.

It was apt that I was working on a series of illustrations around travelling, cameras and vintage items and doing the artwork made me long for a bit of adventure...

Wanderlust. its time for holidays and adventures. this illustration is inspired by tattoos and travel

Here are 4 things we loved about Fiji...

1. Bula - Bula(pronounced boo-lah!) is the official greeting of Fiji and also seems to mean welcome, hello, goodbye, be happy, enthusiastic and ready for adventure. As well as a greeting Bula is like a positive emotion or feeling and it makes you happy to say it!

The Fijian Warrior at the entrance to the Yasawas(the Fijians know kitsch!)

2. Island Hopping - Go island hopping through the Maramutes and Yasawa Islands on the Yasawa Flyer. A 7 Day pass will let you stop at 3 islands. We visited Bounty, Manta Ray and Coconut Beach.

Island hpopping on the Yasawa Flier in Fiji

Passengers arriving off the Yasawa Flyer

3. Beach Bures and Hammocks - Get a Bure right on the beach and laze the day away snorkelling, swimming or reading in a hammock.

Simple beach bures and hammocks in the Yasawas Fiji

Deck chairs on the beach at Coconut Beach Resort

4. Swimming in Sea Caves - The Sawa-I-Lau Caves at the top of the Yasawa Islands is amazing. From the beach on Sawa-I-Lau island you climb up a set of stairs and then descend into the caves. Swimming in the first cave is magical as you look up to the limestone roof and can catch glimpses of blue sky through holes.

After floating around in the first cave for a while the local guide beckons you to swim into the second cave, called the Pregnancy cave. To reach it you have to swim through an underwater passage into darkness.

Swimming in the Sawa-I-Lau Caves

 Working in Fiji...is this the best job in the world? sketches on the beach....A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

 Working from paradise...Checking emails and sketching.


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